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Weight loss mistakes women make

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Making mistake in calculating calorie intake

We often try to decide our daily calorie requirements but we often make some mistakes in doing it. Such mistakes can be very costly. If you make a mistake in finding the right daily calorie intake number, you are probably not going to lose the extra pounds in your body. People often make mistakes in calculating the right calorie intake necessary for them. So, be careful about finding the right calorie intake you need and then split it into three different means and 2 snacks.

Not trying to find the right exercise for you

If and if you are exercising regularly or you are running different errands, even then you may not be burning the calorie you want to burn. So, simply exercising will not help you. You will need to find the right kind of exercise that will allow you to burn the amount of calorie you want to burn every day. The best exercise that you can choose is short bursts of intense activity. Such activities will often help you burn more calories. Such intense activities will help you to burn 36% more fat. Simply changing your walking speed, you can increase the amount of calories you are burning. Bring variation to your exercise and at the same time burn more calories.

Ordering food more often

Even though the menu card of your favourite restaurant may contain many healthier options, but that does not mean that they also contain less calories. A simple turkey sandwich with cheese and mayo can add up to 970 calories to your body. Even though a turkey sandwich may look healthier than a pizza, but in actual it is adding more calories to your body. It's very important that you find out and understand about different foods and their calorie adding capacity. If possible, it is always better if you reduce the number of instances of ordering food from outside.

Not watching the portion size

When you are trying to lose weight, you will need to watch your portion size. Even if you are eating healthier foods, consuming more than necessary healthier foods will add more calories to your body and so more fat to different parts of your body. Even in case of healthier foods, you have to be mindful about the portion size. Healthier foods will definitely give you the necessary and important nutrients but they also contain calories. So, make sure that you are not overeating even the healthier foods and within the limits of your daily calorie intake.

While eating, if you are mindful about what you are eating and how much you are eating, that will help you to find whether you are eating the right amount. If you write it down to my it will be much easier for you and more effective.

Thinking that snacking is healthier

You snacking can add up few hundred uncounted calories to your body every day. Snacks are very important and what you eat in your snack time is also important. You have to be careful about the finding the right snack for yourself.

More importantly while eating snacks, you have to be careful not to eat mindlessly. When you have a snack while watching television, you tend to eat more than necessary. You also need to be distraction free while eating your snacks, because otherwise you tend to eat more. Mindful eating is very important for you as it will help you to watch the portion size while you are eating. Keep all distractions away so as to help yourself to lose more weight.

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