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Tips for women weight lifting newbies

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If you are a women who wants to lift weight and you are very new to this, the following tips will help you to start smoothly.


Start small

If you are new to weightlifting, you should always start small. Start with the small weights or you even can start with the barbell without adding any weight to it. First, it is very important that you learn the right form using light on no weights. Pick up a weight and try to do 10 reps with it. If after 10 reps your muscles are just about exhausted, this is the right weight for you. Start from there. Everybody started from small and then gradually increase their weights.

Learn from experts

When you have just started lifting weights or if you are thinking about doing it, it is very important to learn it from experts. What you need to learn from them? When you are doing an exercise, you are probably not very sure about whether you are doing it right or not. You will always need a good coach and it is always better to find one at the beginning. If your gym has a personal trainer, you should use his services. You may just need one hour of good coaching to get started on your way to lifting weights and enjoying the benefits.

Listen to your body

When you have just started lifting weights, you need to learn to listen to your body. You need to understand what your muscles are trying to say to you. It is also a good way to find out whether your form is correct or not. If you are targeting a specific area with a specific exercise but muscles from a different area ache, then probably you doing it wrong. Also if your body is leaning or carving while exercising, probably you are overcompensating. You will need to correct your form and will probably need to reduce the weight you are using.

Progress gradually

You will need to progress gradually from one weight to another. You will need to make progress each week. You can increase the weight, and you can also increase your reps. First increase your reps and if you can perform more reps with the same weight, probably at this time to increase your weight. Your progress should be gradual so that you are not feeling too much stress to perform and you are performing with the right form.

Spice up your exercise

If your lifting workout is boring, it is likely that you will get demotivated after some time and you will probably completely stop doing it. If you are doing 10 reps with 10 pound weights, probably it is time to change it. If you keep doing the same exercises with the same weight and same reps, your muscles will not grow. You can change so many things. You can change the number of reps, you can change the weight, you can change the rest period, you can change the exercise schedule, you can change the tempo of your training. There are so many modifications that you can do. When you keep changing different elements of exercise, a novelty function is added to it and it makes the exercise more exciting for you.

Stick with it

If you have started or if you are starting lifting, you should stick with it and give it some time. Free weights always better for you but you need to give it the required time. Changes will need some time and you will need to be patient.


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