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Yeast infection cure tips

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You can fight yeast infection and cure it using the following tips-

Home screening

Before you go and see your doctor, it is very important for you to self diagnose a yeast infection. In many cases bacterial vaginosis shows similar symptoms and so it becomes important to diagnose yeast infection correctly. Bacterial vaginosis is a bacterial disease and it needs antibiotics for treatment. Urinary tract infections also have similar symptoms. But like vaginosis, it also needs different medicines. You can do a home screening using the available screening kits to ensure that it is in fact yeast infection. But if you are pregnant or has some complicated problems, it is always better to visit your doctor and take expert opinion before trying to do it yourself.

Oral antifungal

For women, in whose case yeast infection is seems to be chronic, which means it returns at least four times every year, it can be a very difficult situation. In that case, you will need to take oral antifungal fluconazole for six months. This antifungal medicine can help you to reduce such recurring infection by 90%. After that, maintenance can be done with OTC creams. Since it is effective against yeast infection, you should use the oral antifungal as prescribed by your doctor.


There are yoghurts available today which contain probiotics, which can help you to fight yeast infection. If you added to your diet and consume it regularly, it will help you by increasing the good bacteria numbers. A recent study done with probiotic tablet showed brilliant results. A Lactobacillus pill, which is available in different health food stores and drugstores, can help you to maintain a healthy environment in the areas where yeast infection occurs. It will help you to reduce the infection and the re-occurrence of it.

Cotton underwear or none

If there is a warm and moist environment, yeast infection will spread very rapidly and that's why if you are using cotton lined underwear, then it will help you to keep the infection away.

There are some things that you should avoid which include panty hose and tight jeans, because they can help in spreading the problem. If you are swimming, you should immediately change your swimsuit after you are done. If you are going to a gym, once you complete your workout, you should immediately change your gym clothing. You should also avoid douches, body sprays and scented washes because it can imbalance the pH level and cause further spread of the problem.

If you are suffering from vaginal yeast infection, he can wear some long skirts and no underwear to ensure that the areas are getting enough air. It will especially help women with perennial yeast infection problem.

Prescription tablets

You may need to take some prescription tablets as per recommendation of your doctor. Some yeast infections may need aggressive treatment and your doctor is the best judge of that. If your doctor prescribes you some prescription tablet, you should follow that. You may also have a standing prescriptions if your doctor thinks it's necessary. Oral tablets are more effective against yeast infection and so you should take them if they are prescribed to you.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil which is achieved from the tree leaves. It works as an antifungal and works better against yeast. If you want immediate relief, you can use it. Simply douse a tampon in tea tree oil and use it at night. If it is very uncomfortable for you, you should not try it and should discontinue immediately.


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