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All about Emotional Support Animals

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 Emotional Support Animals are pets that bring relief to people with disabilities in a unique way. These animals cater to the disabled who are having trouble with anxiety, loneliness, depression or lack of emotional security. The emotional support animal will fulfil the need of companionship of the disabled person (emotionally disabled) along with reducing anxiety and improving the overall mental state of the person.


How to Go About Getting One?

Usually if you have to get an emotional service animal such as a dog or even a service dog, you will need a service dog letter. A letter is a statement from a licensed mental health professional validating your need and use for a service dog. This will help you get across without much of a hassle in airports. And also it is a legal requirement to have a letter to possess an emotional support dog. You will also have to register your particular emotional support dog through a detailed process which involves certifying that your dog is manageable in public and won't get aggressive without reason. There are some agencies in which all they do is register emotional support dogs.

Are There Other Types Of Support Animals?

Yes! While there are many types of animals that can be used as emotional support animals (such as cats, hamsters and even reptiles!) dogs are the most popular since they are friendly, cuddly and love the company of people and some even perform tasks to help out people. Service dogs are a prime example of dogs in such use. Service dog are the ones use by people with physical disability on some level, and the dogs are trained in performing considerable amount of tasks, such as guiding though a busy street for blind people, picking items up for people with limited physical reach, etc.

What Are My Responsibilities While Owning One?

If you want to own an emotional support dog, you will have to make sure that you have the dog under control at all times, especially when out in public. When outside you will have to keep the dog's temper in check, seeing to it that it does not trouble others around it and is only focussed on you.


When it comes to the rights you have as an owner of an emotional support dog, when questioned by the general public with respect to the dog being with you, you can always state your disability and show your service dog letter to validate its presence.


While a service dog is used to perform a wide variety of physical tasks to make a physically disabled person's life easy, an emotional support dog handles the other side of a person's life: emotional well-being. In the case you find yourself emotionally disabled you can get an emotional support dog and register the said dog, obtain a service dog letter and start using it right away! You will find that you are happier, more peaceful and better able to take up the rigors of everyday life!