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Blindness Prevention Tips

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There are many different diseases that can cause complete or partial blindness. In some cases, it will be impossible to avoid this outcome, but usually, you should be able to prevent this condition by following some simple rules.

  • woman check het eyesBlindness Prevention TipsSeek immediate help when you notice any eye problems.
    Eyesight deterioration isn't the only thing that should get you worried. Pain (including tension headache that is focused behind your eyes), feeling of sand under the eyelids, burst blood vessels in your sclera and even changes in your eye color are symptoms of different conditions that can result in blindness. Thus, you must visit an ophthalmologist immediately after you notice that something is off.
  • Go to regular checkups.
    Even if your eyes seem perfectly fine, you will need to visit an ophthalmologist once a year for a routine checkup.
  • Protect your eyes from sunlight.
    Wearing sunglasses is essential to keep your eyes healthy. Bear in mind that you should always have them on hand, because UV rays are equally harmful during every season.
    Your sunglasses should be of high quality, and preferably with polarized lenses. This way they won't put much strain on the eyes.
  • Avoid eye injuries.
    If your work or hobby is associated with high risk of eye injury, you must wear goggles or eye protectors to prevent it.
  • Lead healthy lifestyle.
    A well-balanced diet and exercising will keep every part of your body healthy and will stave off the process of natural eyesight deterioration that is caused by aging.
  • Control the time you spend in front of a computer.
    Spending hours looking at the monitor will deal some irreversible damage to your eyes. If you cannot avoid this because of work, you should take regular breaks to rest your eyes. You also must take up some eye exercises that will relax the optical nerves and normalize your blood flow.
    Consult your ophthalmologist about wearing special glasses with protective lenses, even if your eyesight is normal.
  • Check your blood pressure regularly.
    Burst vessels that are often caused by increased blood pressure can cause partial eyesight deterioration.
  • Control your blood sugar level.
    Even if you don't have diabetes, you should be sure that the level of sugar in your blood remains normal at all times.
    The more glucose is in your blood, the higher is the risk of suffering permanent retina damage.

Diet for Your Eyes

The state of your eyesight is often directly linked to your diet. This means that the most effective way to prevent blindness is through eating foods that will have this effect.

  • Vitamin A
    Deficit of this element is considered one of the main causes of blindness. You can get vitamin A from: green and yellow vegetables (carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, pumpkins), cheese, lean meat, dairy products (butter, cream, margarine) and orange fruits (mango and papaya).
  • Vitamin B
    This element is responsible for light sensitivity and prevention of cataracts. Your body can get vitamin B from: brewer's yeast, wholegrain cereals, yeast extract and wheat germ.
  • Vitamin C
    Normal level of this vitamin will reduce the chances of developing glaucoma and cataracts significantly. Best sources of vitamin C are: citruses, tomatoes, sweet peppers, kiwi, green vegetables.
  • Zinc
    Without sufficient level of zinc, your retina may develop macular degeneration that will be impossible to reverse. Eat shellfish, red meat, eggs, seeds, nuts, sardines and liver to prevent zinc deficiency.
  • Selenium
    This element will help slow down the natural process of eyesight degeneration. You can obtain it from fish, whole grains, sunflower and sesame seeds.

Do not forget that although these tips will help you minimize the risk of blindness, they won't be 100% effective if you suffer from some diseases. Thus, you should combine them with specialized medical treatments for your condition.

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