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8 Simple Tricks to Make Your Meal Healthier

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Eating habits can either make or break your lifestyle. However, it is extremely difficult to resist the temptation to eat unhealthy. And we keep munching sweets and fatty food all the day long to satisfy our hunger. But do you know there are some secrets to making your daily meal healthier. Use these 10 tiny, easy, delicious ways to make your meals healthier. This will easily give you the healthy versions of your favorite recipes.

Say No to Fat
Fat is the real enemy behind your excess weight, especially around your belly. Therefore, always use a premium non-stick pan for dry frying whenever you are urged to eat something fried. When you cut down on oil, you can efficiently eliminate 45 calories per teaspoon. And always use water and not oil when you think your food is drying out. In the recipes that suggest using fats and oils, use good fats like olive oil and that too in a very less quantity.

Useless Sugar

If you are fond of baking and eating cakes or some other desserts very often, then you are consuming a lot more calories than recommended for a healthy lifestyle. Use less sugar and try including ingredients with natural sweetness. You can also cut down the level of sugar to almost half when baking fruit cakes and tea bread. Cutting down on the consumption of sugar is undoubtedly an ideal alternative to a healthy yet delicious bread and cakes.

Cut Down on Salt
Salt is the commonest ingredient used in almost every meal. It also plays a major role in taste building. But it is harmful to health and therefore you must replace it with other seasonings. Flavors of pepper, lemon juice, spices, herbs, and mustard will bring a healthy zing to your meal whilst retain its taste.

Healthy Stews and Soups
Soups and stews are healthy but only when there is no layer of fat swimming above. Thus, always allow your broth to cool down and then skim off the fat completely. Use vegetables and pulses instead of fatty meats to add fiber and save calories.


Increase Fiber Content
Avoid rice, bread, and pasta made from white flour and use brown alternatives for them. The whole meal bread and other high fiber ingredients will keep you fuller for longer. Add as much fiber to your dishes as possible for making them healthier.

Cooked Vegetables

Vegetables are the healthiest alternative to fatty meat. Cook vegetables and add different flavors like herbs and spices to add taste to them. Green vegetables must always be taken in the form of salads for a healthy snack.

Lower the Quantity of Cheese
Pick cheese with strong flavors to get all the flavor of cheese by only using a small amount in your dishes. Always grate the cheese instead of slicing it over the dish. Grated cheese will spread easily and thus you will need less cheese for your meal. You can use low fat alternatives if you don’t like the strongly flavored cheese.

Healthy Dips and Sauces
Instead of using whole milk, sour cream and cream for making dips and sauces, use skimmed milk or low-fat yogurt. Greek yogurt or fromage frais are other great options for healthy and tasty dips and sauces for any of the hot or cold puddings.

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