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How to gain muscles

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Focus more on protein

If you're trying to get more muscles, you need to know how to gain muscles. You need more protein for mass gain. Protein can stimulate muscle growth. Your goal should be to eat 2 g of protein per pound of your body weight every day. For that, you may need to adjust your eating routine and every three hours you will need to eat so that your body can absorb and assimilate more protein, which will help in muscle growth.

Eating after your training

If you want to know how to gain muscles, you need to understand that you should eat after your training. This is very important. You will need a protein and carbs rich meal immediately once you complete your training. Why should you do that? When you eat just after training, your body cannot send carbohydrates to store as fats. The carbohydrates will go to the growth promoting pathways and as a result will help in your growth. It will feed your muscles and the amino acids from the carbohydrates will go to the muscles. They will boost insulin levels, which will in turn send nutrients to the muscle cells. It means you will have more muscles and more growth. That's why you should never miss a meal immediately after your training.

Reduced number of reps

You should never go beyond 20 sets for every muscle group and if you can keep it near about 12, it is better. The reps for each set should be within 6 to 12 if you want to gain more muscles. And the workout should also be completed within one hour. Instead of focusing on volume, you can always more weight and try to control each and every rep instead of focusing to increase the number of reps. Each set of your workout should be completed within 40 to 70 seconds to get more benefit.

Drink more water

When you learn how to gain muscles, you will find that water plays a very important role in building muscles. If you do not keep yourself hydrated, you cannot build more muscles. Generally water doesn't seem to have a direct relationship with muscle building but it does have one. You need lots of water during the day, especially you will need it more before your workout. Water is good for you because it keeps you full and tips every hunger. You can drink during your training. After every 15 to 20 minutes, you can bring little bit of water. If it is hot and humid, you should always carry your water bottle with you when you are training. If your body is not hydrated well, your training will suffer. It is a good idea to drink cooler water or sports drinks because when it's cool you tend to drink more water.

Eat regularly

Proteins and carbs of the fuel that your body needs when you want to gain more muscles. These are the good quality fuel for you and you need to supply your body with more and more fuel when you want to gain more muscles. You will need to 5 to 6 small meals every day. It will provide you with the necessary calories of building muscles for you.

Different gains

When you are trying to understand how to gain muscles, you need to know that different people will have different amount of gains. One individual may gain more than other individuals. To ensure that you are gaining muscles, it track of the size of your biceps, quads and chest. Even for one individual, mass gain for one week may be different from another week.


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