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Cosmetic Surgery: A World of Benefit

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When you hear the term “cosmetic surgery”, do you think of tummy tucks, facelifts and liposuction? The world of cosmetic surgery is as vast and varied as the people who seek surgical correction as a means of transforming their physical self. While cosmetic surgery certainly encompasses all of the above, it extends well beyond basic aesthetic procedures to help people of all shapes and sizes find their true beauty, regain their confidence and live healthier, happier lives.

Self Confidence

In 2014, over fifteen million people sought some variation of cosmetic surgery, with breast augmentation being the most popular procedure. Each year, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries help million restore their beauty and regain their confidence.

Cosmetic surgeons are masters at helping to boost an individual’s self-confidence. We all know that beauty is more than skin deep. When a person experiences negative perceptions of their body, it reflects from the inside out. Negative perceptions can foster personal hostility and an overwhelming feeling of personal doubt, which can wreak havoc on an individual’s physical and mental well-being and outward expression.

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Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery can help a person find their true beauty, regain their confidence and restore their positive self-perception. Both types of surgeries can restore a person’s intended beauty by correcting deformations, malformations and other trauma-induced defects. This also allows a person to target the specific areas of their body that are deemed appropriate for surgical enhancement.

Ultimately, cosmetic surgeons, such as Dr. Joseph Racanelli and others, help to restore the brilliance and beauty of each individual by working to harness true attraction from the inside, out.

Better Health

Not only are cosmetic surgeons instrumental in helping those in need of a breast lift or tummy tuck, they also cater to the thousands of individuals each year who are in need of reconstructive care to mend system-wide deformities and malformations as a result of an accident, infection or other traumatic event.

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Imagine the little girl that is born with a cleft palate or the little boy who was viciously attacked by a dog and now suffers severe facial trauma that prevents him from living life to his full potential. Where do they turn for help? Regardless of whether such deformities are caused by genetics or trauma, cosmetic surgeons can help such individuals recapture a normal, healthy appearance and level of functioning.

While cosmetic surgery is used as a means of enhancing specific body parts for heightened aesthetic appeal, reconstructive surgery can be life-changing. Cosmetic surgeons who are trained in reconstructive care are able to perform life-changing procedures “ procedures that can enhance a person’s quality of life and help them to overcome memories of malformations, genetic defects and traumatic events that may have wreaked havoc on their physical, emotional and mental well-being.

A True World of Benefit

Cosmetic surgery is so much more than those Hollywood commercials lead you to believe; it is a world of physical, emotional and mental enhancement, and a world that allows people to find their beauty, regain their confidence and live their lives to the fullest.