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The top 10 healthy eating habits

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1. Eat healthy whole grains

You need to eat healthy whole grains because they offer more nutrient and fibre to your body in comparison to the refined grains. If you eat whole grains, you are likely to lose more weight than people who eat refined wheat. They keep you full for a longer duration, maintains your concentration and energy levels. They also are tastier because they have more flavor, texture and nuttiness.

2. Eat healthy unprocessed food

We buy a lot of  packaged food for our convenience because they require minimum preparation and save us lots of trouble and time. But most of them are not healthy because they contain higher levels of preservatives, chemicals, colorings and other bad things. They contain a high amount of fat, sugar and salt.

3. Eat healthy portion sizes

You need to eat a healthy portion size to remain healthy. Even though you can and have larger portions, to keep yourself healthy, you need to restrict your portion size. Because the more we consume, the more calories we are taking in. Salad and vegetables should make up a greater portion of your meal.

4. Shift to healthy cooking methods


You need to accept healthy cooking methods when you want a healthy life. Instead of deep frying, you can eat vegetables raw or use other methods of preparation. You also need to avoid boiling vegetables until they lose their color. Grill, barbecue, stir fry because they are better than deep frying.

5. Get a food diary

Create a food diary for yourself and register all the food that you eat within a given time. This food diary will help you to find out what you eat and drink throughout the day. Then you can eliminate some of the choices and add some better healthy options, which will keep you healthy.

6. Find out about healthy eating out options

There are many healthy eating out options available today and you need to choose the right one for yourself and your family. Even though it may seem tastier, do not go for the less healthy menu options.

7. Plan your shopping

For healthy eating, you need to plan your healthy shopping. If you do not go shopping and find the right healthy materials, how can your eating be healthy at home. You need to find the healthy alternatives and use them while cooking to make your food healthy.

8. Water

Water is very essential for your life and it can help you in different bodily functions such as the digestion, transportation of nutrients, absorption, and elimination of waste and regulation of your body temperature. To keep yourself healthy, you need to drink at least 2.6 L of water every day. A healthy lifestyle includes water as a very important element of the diet.

9. Healthy eating at social events

Whenever you are going out or eating at a social event, you need to watch your food. Whether it’s a  birthday or a work gathering, you will find lots of alcohol and food available for eating. Do not over eat. Also choose the healthy alternatives available in the social events. If you watch your foods, it’ll be much easier for you to keep a healthy lifestyle.

10. Treats are fine

Even though we consider some foods as evil and bad, they may also help you in healthy living. If you restrict them strictly, they may create a craving, which may derail your healthy lifestyle. Probably once a week, you can indulge in such a treat. On that day, you can eat whatever you want.


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