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10 ways to control high blood pressure

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The following 10 ways will help you to lower your blood pressure. You can reduce hypertension and other blood pressure problems using these simple techniques.


Reduce your salt intake

Many people like elder people, African-Americans and people with a family history of high blood pressure are more likely to have a blood pressure that is very much sensitive to salt or sodium. Whether if you fall into those categories or not, it is always better to reduce your sodium intake. Watch for sodium rich foods such as processed foods. Most of sodium that you intake comes from those foods. Salt free seasoning blends, herbs, lemon etc. can help you to reduce your sodium intake.

Deep breathing

When you breathe deeply, it will help you to reduce stress hormones in your body. Meditation, yoga, tai chi and other such practices which help you to breathe deeply are good for you. When the stress hormones are reduced in the body it will also reduce renin, which is a kidney enzyme that increases blood pressure.

Eat dark chocolate

Dark chocolates are good for you because they contain flavanols. Flavanols make your blood vessels more elastic and so it can help you to reduce your blood pressure. You can take half ounce of dark chocolate daily.

Use music to relax

A little bit of music can help you to lower your blood pressure. Soothing classical, Indian or other music can reduce your hypertension if you listen to them for 30 minutes daily. Even a week of music can help you to reduce your blood pressure. While breathing deep, listen to music that soothes your mind and ears and reduce your blood pressure while enjoying music you love.

Take power walks

Walk at a brisk pace because it will help you to lower your blood pressure. When you exercise, your heart can use oxygen more efficiently and as a result it doesn’t have to work very hard to pump blood. Power walks can work like vigorous cardio for you. If you walk for 30 minutes everyday you will see the results very soon.

Work less

If you work for more than 41 hours every week, the chance of suffering from hypertension increases by 15%. When you overtime, you don’t have time to exercise or eat healthy and it takes a toll on your health.

Drink little alcohol

Heavy drinking is always bad, but scientists have found that light drinking (one quarter to one half a drink per day) can be beneficial specially for women. Some other studies have found that one drink a day for woman and two drinks for a man can actually reduce the possibility of heart disease. If you drink, it’s better to drink moderately.

Drink tea

If you want to reduce your blood pressure, start drinking tea. Specially, hibiscus tea is very good for you if you drink it daily. It will reduce your systolic blood pressure several points within a short time. You can also try different herbal teas that have hibiscus in them.

Take soy

Foods that contain high amounts of soy or milk protein can lower systolic blood pressure. Low fat dairy can be such a food. These foods are specially good when you have hypertension or prehypertension. Soy also offers you several other benefits.

Take a supplement

Researchers have found that coenzyme Q10 can help you to reduce blood pressure. This is an antioxidant which dilates blood vessels and reduces your blood pressure. Talk to your doctor before taking any supplement.


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