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How To Treat Heat Rashes

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Heat Rash

Heat Rash


Heat rashes take place when people are outside under the sun for too long, causing them to sweat profusely. Heat rashes are common in hot regions and often cause symptoms such as tiny red blisters, itchiness and skin discomfort.


There are numerous treatment options available to ease the irritation and get rid of heat rashes:

  • Applying calamine lotion on the affected area can effectively relieve severe itching and burning.


  • Aloe vera gel is another cooling agent and a natural remedy to soothe heat rashes and their symptoms.


  •  It is best to avoid rubbing or scratching the rash affected area as much as possible. A physician may prescribe anhydrous lanolin in more severe cases. Anhydrous lanolin prevents the sweat ducts from blocking. Steroids may be prescribed if rashes are too severe.


  • People who develop heat rashes also experience severe heat exhaustion. Symptoms of heat exhaustion may include dizzy vision, weakness, low blood pressure, heart palpitations, nausea and headache. People who suffer from heat exhaustion are advised to seek medical attention immediately because it can lead to a heatstroke — a potentially life-threatening problem.


  • For babies, a lukewarm or cool bath is advisable, after which, the affected areas are air-dried as towel-drying may cause irritation. Avoid sharing towels with a contaminated person.


  • Keep the affected area moisture-free and avoid using any lotions or creams to prevent irritation.


  • Wear loose-fitting, airy clothing made of cotton to prevent the trapping of heat inside the clothing.


  • Make sure your babies have trimmed fingernails. To prevent itching, it may be helpful if your children wear mittens.


  • Stay in air-conditioned rooms until heat rashes subside. Monitoring the rash closely for any signs of infection is necessary and if signs of infection occur, a physician should be contacted immediately.

Natural Heat Rash Treatments


Heat rashes can be avoided by staying inside, but that is not always possible for all individuals considering the kind of work they do. If you must have to head outside into the heat, you will want to be prepared to prevent and treat your heat rash in case you counter one. You can treat your heat rashes even if you don’t have calamine lotion or aloe vera gel.


There are some natural ways to treat and cure heat rashes effectively without heading to the local pharmacy in the sweltering heat.


  • Surprisingly, something as simple and natural as taking a cool water bath can help soothe and cool your skin. However, since bathing all day is not practical, you’ll need to know what to get beyond a bucket. First, dressing in loose-fitting, lightweight, light-colored, cotton clothing is a must. It will not rub against and aggravate your skin. Until the heat rash clears, hot and humid weather should be avoided.


  • Staying in shaded places or air-conditioned buildings is an option and should be availed whenever at hand.  When you take a cold bath, air-drying your skin or patting it dry instead of rubbing it dry with a towel is a better way to stay away from and prevent further rashes.


  • The bumps and blisters developed from heat rash can cause discomfort. Applying ice on the area is one way you can relieve the burns either directly or wrapped in a soft cloth.


  • Increase your bath’s effectiveness by adding some oatmeal with a few teaspoons of baking soda in your tub to curb the itching sensation.


  • Dusting the affected area with baby powder or cornstarch might also work (a mild, unscented powder is best).