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How to lower your blood pressure naturally

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Take a power walk

If you are hypertensive, you can naturally reduce your blood pressure are taking a power walk. Take a walk at a brisk pace and that will help you to reduce your pressure by 8 mmHg over 6 mmHg. When you exercise, your heart will be able to use oxygen more efficiently and when that happens your heart does not need to work hard to pump blood to different organs of your body and that will reduce your blood pressure. Along with the power work, you can also perform vigorous cardio workout of 30 minutes every day because it will help you by reducing your blood pressure. If you are taking a walk, always experiment by increasing the speed or the distance so that you can challenge yourself.

Start drinking tea

If you are not already drinking tea, this may be a very good reason to start drinking. If you drink 3 cups of hibiscus tea daily, it will reduce your systolic blood pressure by seven points within six weeks. Researchers found that tea is really helpful in reducing your blood pressure. Hibiscus has certain phytochemicals in it and they can help you by reducing your high blood pressure by a big number. Many existing herbal teas contain hibiscus. Find one tea that has hibiscus at the top of the ingredient list, because that means that tea has a higher concentration of hibiscus per serving.

Eat these foods

You need to eat more potassium rich fruits and vegetables, because they will help you to reduce your blood pressure. You need about 2000 to 4000 mg of potassium every day. Such potassium rich foods include sweet potatoes, orange juice, the matters, potatoes, kidney beans, bananas, cantaloupe, peas, honeydew melon, raisins, dried fruits, prunes etc. Include these foods in your existing diet and besides providing with other benefits, they will also help you by lowering your blood pressure.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing can help you to reduce your blood pressure and you can experience it within a few minutes. Stress hormones can increase renin, which is a kidney enzyme and which can increase your blood pressure. When you perform deep breathing, it decreases the stress hormones. Yoga, tai chi, qigong are some of the practices which will help you to learn deep breathing. Simply practising it for five minutes in the morning and at night will help you to reduce your blood pressure. To perform deep breathing, you need to inhale deeply and expand your belly and then exhale and release all the tension in your body. Repeat this procedure several times and you will find calmness and low blood pressure within a few minutes.


Music can really help you to reduce your blood pressure. It is effective immediately and you can experience it now. Find the right tunes for yourself and you can reduce your blood pressure. Find something classical, Indian or any other music that you like and listen to it for 30 minutes daily. It will reduce your systolic blood pressure by several points within a month. So enjoy while working at the same time reduce your blood pressure by finding the right songs for you.

Dark chocolate

The chocolates are good for you when you need to reduce your blood pressure. Some of the doubt chocolate varieties contain flavanols which will help you by making your blood vessels more elastic. That will increase the possibility of low blood pressure. If you eat the chocolate every day, it will help you to reduce your blood pressure. The dark chocolate should contain at least 70% cocoa and you need about half an ounce daily.

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