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Overcome Mental Stress With These Brain Power Cheats

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The brain is actually powerful enough to overcome every mental stress imposed upon it. Most of the time, it only needs you to learn the techniques in order to unlock its mental stress controlling powers to become effective. Stress is actually not a bad thing. It is triggered only when you are burning yourself out to its breaking point and your body has to tell you to stop and give it a rest. Whenever you experience feeling tired, exhausted or on the verge of breaking down mentally and physically, you can use the brain's ability to overcome it to relieve stress. Here are some of the brain cheats steps to help you overcome mental stress to live healthier and stress free.

Understand how you react to stress

The body usually responds to stress on a flight or fight state. Individuals respond to stress uniquely and differently and it is essential to understand yours. Stress will bring your body and mind in full alert, with resulting increase in blood pressure and heart beat. Your muscles will be stiffer and will likely drain out your energy. This will make you feel agitated, angry and impatient. On the other hand, stress can also take a different effect to you. It can dampen your mood, make you feel depressed and withdrawn. If you tend to become overexcited as stress response, you need to calm your brain and engage in activities that will calm and quiet you down. If your stress response results in a hypoactive state, your brain needs more stimulating activities to help you energize against stress.

Activate your brain cells and coping response

Whenever you are in a low state of mind due to stress, you need to re-energize your brain again. Exercising is a good way of activating your nervous systems and physiologic activities that will restore your brain activity. Jogging, dancing, lifting weights and doing things that will increase your cardiovascular activity will certainly give your brain a boost of energy. Sweating will help your body release metabolic wastes and toxins that tend to increase your stress level.

Harness the power of music

Music is more than just an entertainment tool; it is also a powerful mental booster that gives the brain the ability to relax and cope with stress. As the brain absorbs music, it allows us to mentally absorb a stress free state that gives us the chance to explore our emotions and a relaxed mind. It distracts the brain from focusing on the negativities and mental blocks the stressful events in the body to focus more on soothing the mind in a relaxed state. Classical music is known to slow down the heart rate, decreases the blood pressure level and tones down the physiological activities of the body. On the other hand, if you feel that stress brings you down to a low mood state, you can choose to listen to upbeat songs to bring your brain back to an active state to overcome low mood swings.

Meditate and improve the mindfulness ability of the brain

Meditation has been very popular in overcoming stress, anxiety and pain. Due to an active lifestyle, the brain may sometimes take off course and becomes subject to a lot of stress with resulting destructive thoughts that further increase your stress level. Mindfulness meditation will give your brain a break from these distractions and destructive mental activities and boosts its problem solving ability once it was able to recharge its energy and power of control after attaining a state of peaceful mind with meditation.


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