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Why you should give up alcohol?

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Giving up alcohol has several benefits. Once you give it up you will start experiencing those benefits which will leave you thrilled.


You’ll sleep better

Alcohol, even though in small quantities, can mess with your sleep. Even though some people may find that it helps you to forget about everything and sleep, it does not actually help you with a sound sleep as you need it. You tend to oversleep which again screws up your day. Many other people very early in the morning (at about 2 a.m.) and they cannot sleep again. It can be a very big problem because it can lead to sleep deprivation and the resulting problems in your life.

You will have more energy

Due to sleeping better and other factors that arise from not drinking, you will feel more energy throughout the day you will wake up feeling better and energized.

Reduction in body fat

When you stop the booze, your body fat will reduce. Your pot belly and the love handles will go away and you will feel better. Your muscles will feel firmer.

Peace of mind

Whether you believe it or not scientists have found that alcohol impair your judgment. It will lead you to make some bad choices. Such choices also have guilt associated with them that you experience at a later stage. Without alcohol, you won’t be making such bad choices and will have your peace of mind intact.

Increase in productivity

Giving up alcohol will increase your productivity and performance in the work. Since you wake of fresh and energized, and you don’t have any hangovers, you’re likely to be able to concentrate more and do more in a given day. It will improve your performance in the workplace and you’ll be able to accomplish more things. Hangover can waste a complete day and when you avoid alcohol, you can always get that extra day in your hand.

Save money

This is an obvious reason why you should stop drinking alcohol. You can save lots of money. A simple night out can cost you anything in the range of $ 100-$ 300. If you go out and drink only four days in a month, it adds up to a good amount. If you can stop drinking for a year, probably you can save a few thousand dollars. With that money, you can do anything you want.

Improvement in overall health and mood

When you give up alcohol, it will improve your overall health and mood. It will improve your mental clarity. You’ll be more focused on the things that you do. You will not feel depressed. You’ll be able to do things that you always wanted to do with a clear head. As mentioned above, your body will feel better. Your liver will work better.

Increase in confidence

You don’t need alcohol to hide your shyness or become social. You can do it your own. Initially it may feel little awkward after you stop drinking, but after some time, it will be easier. You can meet and talk to people without taking the help from alcohol. Once you start doing it, you’ll feel more confident in starting a conversation with anyone. This is a confidence that you will have all the time because you do not lose it once you are sober.

Giving up

Giving up alcohol will also help you to understand that you can give up other things. You'll believe in yourself and it will be easier for you to give up things that are actually harming you. Changes will be easier for you.

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