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7 Harmful Effects of Alcohol Consumption

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In North America and Europe, Vodka, wine, beer, whisky etc. are beverages people like to consume with their meals or at social gatherings.

We all know that a glass of red wine a day is good for the body but excessive consumption of alcohol has been linked to numerous health risks.

Unfortunately, most of us are only aware of the short-term disadvantages of alcohol consumption, such as vision blur, mental fog, inability to concentrate and hangover.

Along with short-term effects, the long-term health effects add up and cause severer complications. It can effect a person’s life in several ways, be it his social life, personal life or even work life.

Alcohol can have disastrous effects on the nervous, digestive and excretory system. It can have a negative impact on you physically, as well as emotionally.

Consumption of alcohol usually leads to delayed reaction times, bad impact on human body & psyche, and decreased ability of specific motor functions that often lead to tentative and accidental bruises or injuries.  It also leads to impaired judgment, mood swings, passing out and eventually death if consumed in excess.

Many people tend to look at alcohol containing beverages or liquors in an acceptable fashion but the truth is that it is a drug albeit a legal drug, and a toxin. However, it cannot be deniable that teenagers may start drinking due to peer pressure and develop a stronger preference for it. Some people consume alcohol for various reasons, such as to eradicate emotional stress, escape from work problems or to stay fit & maintain statuses at social situations.

Some common health effects of alcohol consumption include:

  1. Liver cirrhosis:  Liver cirrhosis is the 12th leading cause of death. It is caused by many factors including  excessive alcohol consumption. It is a gradual process in which scar tissues begin to form in the liver. When cirrhosis occurs, the liver stops functioning properly. Due to tissue formation, the blood flow gets obstructed. This stops the nutrients and hormones from entering the liver.
  2. 2.     Alcohol Poisoning:  Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to alcohol poisoning. This condition can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening for an individual. Some common telltale signs of alcohol poisoning include  vomiting, irregular breathing, blue skin and hypothermia. Seek immediate medical attention if you suspect someone is suffering from alcohol poisoning as this could possibly lead to death as well.
  3. 3.     Harmful Effects on Teenage Brain Development: In large amounts, alcohol is technically harmful to every age group.  Lack of concern of parents, genetics and the thrill of risk-taking can possibly cause alcohol dependence amongst teenagers. Teenagers are particularly susceptible to the stress or emotional trauma. According to researchers, teenage brains are more susceptible to risks associated with overconsumption of alcohol as opposed to adult brains.
  4.  Risk of Cancers:  People who consume alcohol are usually more prone to suffer from oral cancer. It includes cancer of the throat, mouth and larynx. Consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can increase your risk if tumours and cause death.
  5. 5.      Violence Streaks: A bad and terrible effect of hard alcohol is violence. Violence goes beyond fights and physical abuse. This harms the community and increases the chances of the drinker of going to jail.
  6. Depression: One of the most harmful effects of alcohol consumption is depression. It can be genetic, but consuming excessively and not knowing when to stop can cause dependence and depression. In most cases, people who are depressed end up being alcohol dependent because they want a distraction from pain and misery. Alcohol is a stimulant and can increase feelings of pleasure in an individual, but cause long-term cognitive effects.
  7. Pregnancy problems. Excessive consumptions of alcohol leads to complications for for an expecting mother and her child therefore it is critical that a mother is more responsible and restricts her drinking habits to ensure her child is healthy.