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How Addiction Affects Families

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Faith-focused addiction programs and the 12 step addiction recovery programs comprise some of the programs that are implemented in helping addicts and their dependents/ families overcome addiction. Drug and or alcohol dependence affects addicts’ lives and trickles down to affect the lives of the people around these addicts. Addiction develops gradually as people indulge drugs and alcohol in a bid to make up for one thing or the other that is missing in their lives. Drug addicts’ changed emotional and physical behavior, health, economic and social performance affect the psychological, economic, social and physical well-being of the people around them. The most effective addiction recovery programs should incorporate the addicts and the people in their circles as much as possible.

How addiction affects families

Addiction affects families in various ways. If and when the addicts are physically abusive, the victims of their aggression suffer physical injuries that may inflict debilitating pain or harm their health in one way or another. Injuries and bad health affect people’s productivity, as well as their ability to live life to the fullest. If and when addicts are emotionally abusive, negligent and careless, the people around them suffer emotionally as they have to deal with the insults, or they have to develop other coping mechanisms. It is, also, to be noted that most addicts cannot sustain social, work or blood relationships and at the end of the day, they become resentful or make other people withdraw from interacting with them. Inability to hold a job/ manage finances well or stealing habits depress families’ finances, affecting the welfare of other family members.

Benefits of rehabilitation

The only solution to addressing addiction is rehabilitation, especially recovery approaches/ programs such as Faith-focused addiction programs and the 12 step addiction recovery that address the suffering and needs of addicts and their families. Family-based interventions help family members, including the addict, understand and treat addiction, as well as the impacts of addiction on everyone concerned. These programs not only bring family members together, but they also help people identify underlying issues to the addiction (that can be addressed to minimize drug and alcohol indulgence), as well as dispense mythical blame that other family members perceive. The needs of each family member are projected and addressed even as the physical recovery of the addict is addressed.

Substance abuse recovery programs

One of the recovery programs offered in inpatient and or outpatient rehabs is the Faith-focused addiction programs. This approach employs professional detox doctors and addiction counselors to address the chemical and physical aspects of addiction. However, instead of focusing the emotional recovery on family dynamics or the willpower of the addict alone, this program integrates Bible studies, church meetings, faith-based celebratory and support groups, involvement in church activities, and the daily application of the scriptures to help people overcome the drug indulgence temptation. The 12 step addiction recovery is another approach to addiction recovery.

Addiction is an ailment that afflicts the addicts as well as their close interactions. Thankfully, there are numerous rehabilitation centers that provide addicts and their family family-based addiction recovery programs such as the 12 step addiction recovery and Faith-focused addiction programs. Family-based programs are more effective in addressing addiction as they not only focus on individual addicts, but also respond to the concerns of other family members.