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Are Breast Enlargement Procedures Safe

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Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement is a common cosmetic procedure that helps to enhance the appearance of the breast. The surgical procedure uses silicone or saline implants that can help enlarge breasts. Breast enlargement is often resorted to improve the breast appearance of patients with a breast cancer and in mastectomy patients. Today, the procedure is also opted as a cosmetic enhancement that is very popular among models and celebrities. While a breast enlargement procedure has earned quite a success, there remains a lot of debate questioning its safety. In 2013, there were about 23,000 reported instances of breast implant removal and it is common for many to ask whether breast enlargement procedures are safe.

Common reported complications

The FDA reported some risks and complications with breast enlargement procedures. Among the risks involved when using breast implants include pain, changes in the sensation in the breast and the nipple area, rupture and the saline filled implants deflating, and silent rupture with no signs and symptoms manifest. In some cases, additional surgeries will be recommended.

Among the other complications reported with breast enlargement include the following:

  • Breast muscle atrophy
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Chest wall asymmetry
  • Deflation due to a leakage of the saline solution
  • Bruising
  • Inflammation
  • Irritation
  • Skin rash
  • Implant being visible through the skin
  • Skin wrinkling

How to avoid complications

The key to avoiding complications with breast enlargement complications is to hire a professional cosmetic surgeon to perform the surgery. There are certain pre and post op care that the patient needs to undergo that can help mitigate the possible risks and complications. These procedures can also enhance the successful outcomes of the surgery. There are certain steps that your doctor will do in order to prevent complications. It is best to discuss with your doctor what should be your expectations after the procedure and become educated prior to the going through the knife.

Breast enlargement usually uses saline (composed of sterile salt water or a saline solution) and silicone gel implants. Both are susceptible to rupture, but there are differences on how they occur. Saline implants that rupture will almost be instantly noticeable as it causes a significant change in the shape of the breast. When the silicone gel implant ruptures, no symptoms are usually apparent and it is difficult to notice. The FDA recommends that women with a silicone gel implant should undergo an MRI every two or three years to ensure that the implant remains intact. It is also important to follow your doctor's instructions regarding the do's and don't to ensure that your activities will not cause any issues with the breast implants. In case you notice something out of the ordinary, it is always best to see your doctor immediately.

Important considerations

Just as any surgical procedure, a breast enlargement procedure involves some risks and complications. It is critical to discuss with your cosmetic surgeon whether you are a good candidate for getting a breast implant, and to understand the risks and benefits of the procedure. Complications of breast enlargement procedures are preventable. With the help of your doctor and with the right screening and monitoring of your condition post surgery, risks and complications are highly preventable and manageable.

However, it is important to know that breast implants are not created for a lifetime use. In case reverses on the appearance of your breast occur, it is possible that can be irreversible. If you think it is best to have a breast enlargement, make sure to monitor its condition regularly and contact your doctor immediately at the first sign of abnormality or changes on your breast begin to occur.

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