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Recipe for your hair and skin problems

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Hair and skin problems

How great would it be if you get to have the panacea lotion that could make your skin and hair in the most perfect condition that you always wanted them to be in. It is a common scene to witness people running after the products offered by biggest of the Multi-National Companies but not getting the results at all. So, they end up getting nothing plus wasting a lot of time and money to get the perfect fit for their hair and skin which could keep them healthy.


How would you react if you know you have been keeping the remedy for years in your kitchen and your mum has been using it since ages, for all your household chores? Still, wondering what it is. It is lying somewhere on your kitchen shelf or the sauce cabinet. Voila! It is the Vinegar.


Vinegar is the panacea that can be used to keep your skin and hair healthy. The western diet contains a lot of vinegar which tends to give the westerners a lot of charm on their skin and hair. In countries like India, especially the northern part,  the onions are soaked in vinegar and then consumed with the vegetables, rice and grams and that is why you would see the Indians from the north being the fairest of all the Indians. So, it is usually a regular part of the diet but even then its most miraculous characteristics are unknown to us.


Vinegar too is found in different types and tastes. In its most natural form, Vinegar is present in the form of Apple Cider Vinegar which is the most famous variant. The consumption of this form of vinegar is most famous in the western parts of the world where the benefits of its consumption are known as compared to Asian countries where these are actually produced in large number but exported more than is actually consumed. The apple Cider Vinegar is extracted from a thorough processing and fermentation of the apple pulp. The benefits that it gives are present in bounty. It tends to leave a healthy and noticeable luster on your hair, a radiant skin that tends to keep all the kinds of skins problems at bay and also acts as a great cleaning aid in kitchen to help you in the toughest of kitchen tasks.


Apple Cider Vinegar spins magic when it comes to striking a balance between your scalp and the pH level of your hair. It carries anti-fungal and anti-bacterial remedies that take good care of infections on the scalp, itchiness, dandruff and dryness. All you need to do is put some vinegar after the shampoo and you would maintain a good pH level of your scalp leaving you with the most desired hair-shiny and smooth. It also takes care of the hair cuticles which are course.


Researchers have observed that the apple cider vinegar can help one lose weight, keep a normal blood pressure and even sugar levels, help to a great extent in fighting cold, diabetes, cancer and even maintain the high cholesterol levels. It keeps the immunity of the body intact and fights any kind of stomach problems relating to constipation, infection in the intestines etc. It removes any kind of toxins present in your body and lowers the level of glucose in the body.


Also, warm water gargles are taken with a pinch of vinegar in it, will help you fight bad breath.  Your skin and your hair would not stop thanking you if you happen to add it in hot water and sip it at least half an hour before your meal. It will increase your metabolism and keep your appetite in control.