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Best Pre-Workout Foods

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Although many are tempted to skip the calories before a workout but little do they know that the food eaten before an exercise session fuel the workout and maximizes one’s efforts and results.

If you don't have any pre-exercise meal, your workout is not the same and it is almost a waste. If you are able to fuel your system correctly, with the right food, you'll workout harder, better and longer. Eating before is a must as it prevents low blood sugar, which may lead to light-headedness and fatigue. That having said, you also don't want to eat the wrong foods before your exercise regime..

Best Pre-Workout Foods


Here are some of the best foods to eat before your workout:


  • Bananas- Yes, among the most common fruit available in the market and also among the most ideal foods for pre-workout is a banana. They are nature’s energy bars and are loaded with highly digestible carbohydrates and are super charged with potassium, which helps us to maintain nerve and muscle functions. The body cannot store potassium for very long, so a meal of a medium sized banana pre- workout could keep nutrient levels in check and enough to provide apt energy for high intensity training. Many doctors and dietitians recommend bananas for morning exercisers and advise to eat a medium sized banana with 1/2 or a1 cup of low fat yogurt. You can about 30 minutes and then hit the gym as you do, you’ll experience a boost in your energy levels and progress as your body uses up the carbohydrates and protein.




  • Oats- Another source of healthy fiber is oats. They gradually hand out carbohydrates into your bloodstream, but they're safe to eat in more quantities as they do not cause gas. This steady stream of carbs keeps your energy levels consistent, keep your strength and lets you perform better during your workout. Oats also contain essential vitamins, which help convert carbs into energy. Help yourself to just one hearty serving of these nutritious oats with skimmed milk at least 30 minutes before you begin your workout.



  • Wholegrain bread-A slice of health right from your kitchen. Yes, wholegrain bread is a very good source of carbohydrates and to add taste, it has many companions as well. You can top it off with jam or peanut butter, honey, almond butter, or even sliced up hard-boiled eggs can be added for high-quality protein and more fuel. If you have a busy schedule and workout during your lunch break

then hitting the gym 45 minutes after having a healthy snack of this whole grain bread will put you on the right track. Making a filling and healthy sandwich with grilled chicken or turkey slices, with a little

mustard and peanut butter will give you immense benefits.



  • Fruit smoothies are high source of carbohydrates, healthy sugars and high-quality protein. Best part is they are easy to prepare and consume and get rapidly digested. Blending 1/2 to 1 cup plain, low-fat yogurt, 1/2 to 1 cup fruit and around 1 cup fruit juice will give you enough energy and nutrients to gain maximum strength and gains in your workout. People these days are ignorant towards fruit and other foods that are packed with good quality carbs. This is because they do not know that protein doesn't break down that easily and rapidly enough to be used as fuel by the body for a high intensity workout. The carbohydrates from fruit break down fast and the protein can be used later for muscle recovery.


There are however are a few things that need to be avoided pre-workout and they are fatty foods, raw sugar or candy. Eating too much can cause indigestion and other problems, so remember; it is not a meal but a snack.