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Is It Possible To Exercise Too Much?

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People are unique. They follow fitness regimes that are unique to their body type and eat accordingly too. They have their allergies, turn ons and belief systems. But the concept of overtraining is similar and applies to all INA singular fashion. When you exercise too much what follows is list of signs that indicate you may be overtraining.

1. Failure at normal workout.

Training to failure as a rule is fine but failure to train is not fine at all. When you fail to lift the weights you usually lift or run the sprints you usually run or complete the hike you normally do is when it’s alarming. It means Regression is setting in and your stamina is deteriorating despite regular training.

2. You’re losing leanness despite increased exercise.

This happens when the hormonal balance gets tipped and instead of losing fat we lose precious muscle mass and this is an effect of over training or exercising too much.

3. Not every day you silly boy!

You will have to be genetic freak to lift the heaviest, sprint fast and recover as fast as your favorite teenage mutant ninja you crave to become. That is something not everyone can attain so take chill pill and give that much needed break to your body. It will only enhance your performance.

4. When a primarily anaerobic/power/explosive/strength athlete is on rest and is unable to do so due to restlessness, excitability, and inability to sleep in their down time, that’s when their sympathetic nervous system over works and it is due to too much exercising.




5. When an endurance athlete feels useless and is overly fatigued, sluggish that means too much resistance training is causing decreased testosterone levels, increased cortisol levels, debilitating fatigue (both mental and physical).

6. We’re joined at the hip.

Exercise and pain go hand in hand. When high on endorphins, you might not notice the pains in your knees or joints or limbs but they can’t be avoided. It is time to take a recess and also to reassess that routine that you’ve been so fond of for so long. There are many types of workouts and exercises that put pressure and stress in our no joints which is very difficult to assess in the endorphin rush.


7. Can’t stay away from disease?

An increase in your daily workout regime might result directly in a fall in your immunity. With the motive to add more muscle and strength to our body we often overlook the damages more exercises can cause and thus our immunity lags behind and we fall I’ll more often. Keeping a track of your health and hygiene becomes a priority. Not many people know the onset of disease that overtraining can bring about and thus are ignorant of this fact.

8. Not feeling up to a squat after a workout?

Well, too much exercise would do that too. Yes, when you feel like crap the hours and days after a big workout is when you feel like getting a head rush every time you stand up from that wretched office chair. You should feel good all day long or is it just a momentary thing? No, it isn’t. That glow that a workout promises throughout the day should be there, instead you revel in the negativity of fatigue and sluggishness.

Well, you said it. Be the one to take control of it now. Don’t let it control you. It is time to change your schedule, reset your goals and start afresh with a new perspective.