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Teeth Whitening: How much do you really know?

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Teeth Whitening

As more people become conscious of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is a priority to many across the world.  Teeth whitening lighten teeth and help you get rid of stains and other forms of discoloration.  It is among the popular cosmetic dental procedures “ loved by men and women alike- because it can greatly enhance the look of your teeth. Whitening (or bleaching) treatments are readily available to meet the needs of different people and the budget is flexible as well.

Whether you opt for a bleaching session after a one-hour appointment with your dentist, or a convenient home-use bleaching kit that can be purchased at a local drugstore, the initial drive is the desire to have sparkling teeth.  However, even with the ease of access to teeth whitening, the risks abound especially when the participants don't do a proper research prior to the procedure. Although only 15 percent of the world's populations have tried this cosmetic procedure, lack of proper information on teeth whitening is still rife.

Even with contradicting information on the subject, the baseline remains that teeth whitening works. Virtually all people who have opted for this teeth whitening have seen relative improvement in whiter and brighter smiles. However, this cosmetic treatment doesn't guarantee permanent teeth whitening, thus the need for regular touch ups to ensure extended effect.

Why Teeth Whitening?

Most of us often have sparkling white teeth in the beginning, but over time the porcelain-like enamel surface is stained.  The enamel is composed of crystalline rods designed to facilitate gnashing, but trauma and acids drawn from sugars make it wear down.  As years go by, the enamel is worn down, becomes more transparent thus allowing the dentin's yellow color to get exposed.

Teeth whitening gets rid of the stains and debris, this leaves the enamel open and susceptible to periodic wear and tear as you use your teeth on a daily basis.  Teeth discoloration is caused by two types of stains: extrinsic stains-that manifest on the surface of teeth due to beverages and foods with dark colors as well as tobacco; and intrinsic stains that form from the inner section of teeth.  They often result from continuous trauma, aging, and exposure to minerals and excessive fluoride in meals and drinks.

What causes Teeth Staining?


The color of your teeth and age are highly correlated. Stain accumulation accompanied with wear and tear causes teeth darkening. Teenagers are more likely to experience remarkable results from bleaching. By the twenties teeth whitening will yield better results, but by the forties whitening may require more effort. By the late fifties, the teeth will have gathered all the stubborn stains that are difficult to remove but with extra effort it can be achieved.

Starting colour

All of us are born with different teeth coloration, which ranges from light brown to greenish-grey, and the color, persist over time. During bleaching, yellow-brown is easily reversed as compared to green-grey.

Eating habits

If you are a habitual consumer of red wine, or even coffee, tea, carrots, oranges or any other deeply pigmented foods and beverages then expect considerable staining on your teeth over the years. Additionally, acidic foods contribute to periodic enamel erosion, especially citrus fruits and vinegar, which expose the dentin's yellow color in the enamel.


It doesn't matter how white you want to go, there are various options in the market to give you the white smile once again. You can opt for in-office whitening whereby “which is advisable- a controlled amount of highly concentrated peroxide gel is applied by the dentist or trained technician after the teeth have been protected with a paint-on rubber dam. Generally, it costs more but the result is amazing.

Alternatively, you can purchase a teeth-whitening kit in your local store or online and have it delivered to your destination. There are teeth whitening kits that have been found to produce the best results over the long haul. The cheapest method must be over-the-counter teeth but the associated risks may also be high since all procedures may not be followed, which may affect teeth sensitivity, gum irritation and even Technicolor teeth.