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Teeth Whitening Walkthrough

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Preparing For Teeth Whitening In The Dental Office

Preparing for teeth whitening in the dental office implies: performing prophylactic cleaning of teeth, the process by which plaque and leftovers are removed, making a dental examination to determine if the patient is experiencing a high degree of dental decay, cracks and gum disease. In these conditions, teeth whitening can cause tooth or gum sensitivity, taking a shoot of the teeth and establishing their shade, using a teeth shade guide.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening In The Dental Office

Although details of this procedure may vary, most often the dentist will follow the standard steps. This steps do not involve pain or discomfort of any kind, as follows:

  • Your dentist will introduce a cheek retractor to expose the aesthetics of the teeth;
  • A special resin substance will be applied on the gums to prevent irritation;
  • On the surface of teeth, the dentist will apply a solution based on hydrogen peroxide that will be left on for 15-30 minutes. After this period the gel is removed and if needed another layer of gel will be applied which in turn will be left pharmacy online on for another 15-30 minutes;
  • In certain situations, your dental doctor may use a special light source to potentate the bleaching agent effect. During this process, your doctor will check how your teeth respond to treatment;
  • After removing the last layer of gel, your dentist will examine the outcome of the treatment. Teeth can be whitened by 2-3 shades and in the best case, even with 8 shades.

In Depth Teeth Whitening

In depth teeth whitening is a procedure that is done  in several phases, which has the ability to remove stains that are resistant to classical procedure (such as those caused by tetracycline or fluorosis).

Step 1
During the visit to the dentist, he will make a dental impression, in wich base vinyl shells will be created where the bleaching agent will be introduced.

Duration: 30 minutes

Step 2

During the second visit to the dentist, he will prepare the tooth surface so that it reacts better to oxygen. This arises as follows:

  • Outer surface of the teeth will be polished with pumice powder;
  • Your dentist will apply two coats of tooth desensitization agent;
  • Custom made shells are filled with hydrogen peroxide in 9% concentration. The time of action of the whitening agent is about 20 minutes;
  • After this period of time, the gel will be removed from the shells and teeth surfaces;
  • The shells will be refilled with hydrogen peroxide and applied to the teeth;
  • At the end of this period of time, your dentist will apply again two layers of teeth desensitization agent .

Duration: approximately 60 minutes

Step 3

The patient will need to use a home teeth whitening kit for 14 consecutive nights. This kit contains pre-made shells, peroxide-carbamide based gel and desensitizing agent.

Step 4

During the third visit to the dentist, he will perform a standard teeth whitening procedure using the cheek retainer, the gum protection gel and, according to the results of home teeth whitening, hydrogen peroxide with a concentration of 9 or 27%.

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Step 5

For white teeth maintenance  it's necessary to use home whitening kits, during the night, once in every 1-3 months. For people who regularly consume red wine, it is recommended that this procedure be repeated every 14 days.