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Head injuries, including concussions, are becoming highly common among senior citizens. In fact, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that, in 2013, one in every 45 Americans over the age of 75 suffered a brain injury. That's a 76 percent increase from the last report, which evaluated data from 2007.


Researchers aren't totally sure why so many more seniors are dealing with head injuries. However, some believe that the increase has to do the with an increase in the number of seniors who are living alone.


Whether you're a senior who currently lives alone or you have an elderly loved one you want to protect from head injuries, it's important to know what you can do to prevent them.


Listed below are five steps that can help all seniors, but especially those that live alone, to avoid head injuries.

Risk Factors for Head Injuries

Even the healthiest of seniors can sustain a head injury. However, some seniors are more prone to head injuries than others. Some risk factors that indicate head injuries are more likely include:


  • Suffering from one or more chronic health conditions

  • Consumption of medications (antidepressants, sleep aids, blood pressure medication, etc.) that can affect one's balance

  • Joint problems or poor mobility

  • Having to climb the stairs frequently or perform other difficult household tasks

  • Difficulty driving, which increases the risk of injuring one's head in a car accident

How to Prevent Head Injuries

Whether you currently face an increased risk of experiencing head injuries or just want to be prepared, these five tips can help.

1. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is one of the best things seniors can do to strengthen their bones and muscles and improve their balance. All of these benefits of exercise, combined, help decrease seniors' risk of falling and sustaining a head injury.


For seniors who are new to exercise, low-impact options like Tai Chi and yoga can be good options. Weightlifting, with the help of a qualified personal trainer, is also beneficial and helps seniors maintain bone density and muscle mass.

2. Review Medications

As mentioned above, there are certain types of prescription medications that can make it harder for seniors to maintain their balance. These medications can also cause them to feel drowsy or lightheaded, both of which can increase the risk of falling and injuring one's head.


Common medications to be on the lookout for include:


  • Antidepressants

  • Antihistamines

  • Blood pressure and heart medications

  • Anti-anxiety medications

  • Painkillers

  • Sleep aids


In addition to potentially causing falls, these medications can also hinder seniors' cognitive abilities and make it harder for them to perform everyday tasks like driving.

3. Fall-Proof Your Home

It's also important to make adjustments to home layout and decor to prevent tripping and falling. Some simple, cost-effective changes you can make include:


  • Tape down throw rugs to prevent slipping

  • Move items on high shelves so they're easy to reach without a step stool

  • Use a non-slip bath step to make climbing in and out of the tub easier

  • Install grab bars next to the toilet and bathtub

  • Use brighter lighting to make potential obstacles easier to see

  • Wear shoes or slippers with a good grip to prevent slipping

4. Get Regular Vision Checks

Regular vision checks are essential for people of all ages. However, they're especially important for senior citizens.


Poor vision and eye conditions like glaucoma and cataracts can increase a senior's chances of not noticing a particular obstacle and tripping and falling. These conditions also hinder seniors' ability to see clearly while they drive, which puts them at risk of getting into a car accident and hitting their head.

5. Maintain Healthy Vitamin D Levels

Finally, there are a variety of nutrient deficiencies that can hinder seniors' balance and cognitive abilities. One of the most important, though, is vitamin D. Many studies show that, by maintaining adequate vitamin D levels, seniors can experience improved muscle strength and balance.


The body makes vitamin D naturally as a result of direct sun exposure. However, many seniors have a hard time getting sufficient sun exposure. In those cases, it's best to supplement with additional, high-quality vitamin D.





Are you hoping to become healthier and far more active than you have been in the past? No matter your age,it is not too late for you to make certain types of changes in your life that are going to benefit you both physically and mentally. When you start to become healthy and more active, you lower your risk of suffering from different medical conditions while increasing your chances of losing weight and feeling much more energized than you have felt in the past.


Follow a Healthier Routine


If you want to be healthier, you need to work on getting into a better routine. The routine should consist of things that you choose to do regularly, such as getting up earlier in the morning to spend 30 minutes exercising and making sure to get into bed at the same time each night to ensure that you are getting all the sleep you need to feel well-rested. When you do not have a routine, it is easier to feel stressed out, exhausted, and unhealthy. Those without a routine tend to eat unhealthier foods while not getting enough rest at night, which leads to fatigue and sluggishness each day.


Take Nutrition Seriously


When hoping to feel real results, you should make sure to take nutrition seriously. Le-Vel Thrive is a system that consists of healthy and natural products that are meant to help you reach your health and nutrition goals. If you want to experience new and exciting changes in your life where you suddenly have much more natural energy and are feeling motivated enough to exercise and get various things done, using the Le-Vel system is ideal.


There are several different Thrive products that are available, including capsules, patches, and beverage mixes that take seconds to make. You can use several of these products in combination with one another to maximize your results while making sure to get the nutrition your body needs to have to succeed. There are many Thrive reviews that you can read before you invest in any of these products. The reviews are left by others who have been using these products and have started to feel healthier because of them.


Focus on Getting Out More


Getting outside more often is beneficial to your health in several different ways. If you are going for walks, riding a bike, or even jogging through the park, you are getting some exercise and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air instead of spending the entire day inside a building without seeing much of the natural sunlight. Those who get out more are often in better shape and are more likely to feel good about themselves.


When you get out more, you are not just working on your physical fitness. While it is something that can help you burn hundreds of calories and eventually get rid of the excess weight you may have been carrying, it is good for your mental health as well. Spending more time outside can instantly boost your mood, making you feel less stressed, less depressed, and far more enthusiastic. If you have not been getting out much, try to focus on getting out at least once a day to enjoy the outdoors.


There are many ways to become healthier and more active over time. Regardless of how old you may be, you can still make positive changes that are going to improve your mental, physical, and even your emotional wellbeing. If you are ready to get healthier,develop a routine that you can follow, start taking your nutrition a lot more seriously than you were before, and focus on getting outside to enjoy what nature has to offer. Doing these different things can make you feel healthier and far more energized than you have felt in a long time.


Makeup can make a person look beautiful in a matter of seconds. A good makeup look can enhance the beauty of any outfit on any occasion. Lip makeup makes a big part of any makeup look since lips are one of the prominent features of the face. However, many people ignore the lips and end up spoiling their makeup. Many different makeup looks can be chosen from and applied with varying kinds of makeup looks.

Here are some of the best lip makeup looks that you should try the next time you are applying makeup:

Red Lips Makeup Look

Red lips are one of the classic trends that have never gone out of fashion. From Marlin Monroe to Kate Winslet and many new actresses in today’s times, all have been seen wearing red lips on different occasions. The best part about the red lips is that if done correctly, it looks good on each face. However, many technicalities go into creating the perfect red lip. One of the problems with the red lips is that the lipsticks can bleed and might make your makeup look shabby. Here is how you can get the perfect red lip makeup look:

  • Always pick the right red shade for you. Not all shades of red are created equally, and there is a chance that not all reds will look good on you. Hence make sure that you go to a store and try on some lipstick and pick the red that complements your skin tone the most.
  • Buy a lip liner that is a little lighter than the actual lipstick or buys a lip liner that is exactly the color of the lipstick. Never buy a lip liner that is darker than your lipstick. The lip liner and your lipstick should not be more than two tones apart in either direction.
  • One basic rule before applying any lipstick is prepping up your lips. Make sure your lips are moisturized if you are applying matt lipsticks that can dry your lips excessively.
  • Now take your lip liner and line your lips from the outside. Make sure the lines are perfect.
  • Now take the lipstick and fill the area that is under the lines. Make sure the lipstick that you are applying stays in the lines and does not move outside even little. The lip liner will save the lipstick from bleeding out.
  • Your red lip is ready. Make sure to touch up your lipstick after some time so that the intensity of your red remains.


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Dark Lips Makeup Look

Another one of the important lipstick trends that are in fashion is the dark makeup look. Dark lips also need to be done very cautiously just like the red lips. In the dark shades, you can get anything from dark brown to black, maroon, dark grey, green and much more. You can pick your shades depending on your choice. Make sure that when you apply dark lipstick, you use a lip liner that is of the same shade as the lipstick on the outside of your lips so that the lipstick does not bleed out.

Nude Lips Makeup Look

The nude lips are the best for creating everyday looks. These are the perfect lips when you want to go for the makeup no makeup look. You can choose a nude lipstick shade depending on your skin tone and liking. The best part is that these nude lips can be worn in a party as well as on a daily basis. The only thing to keep in mind with a nude lip is to buy a lip liner that is either lighter than the lipstick or same as the lipstick. Any dark lip liner can ruin the look in minutes.

Permanent Makeup Lips

Another lip trend that is famous these days is the permanent lips. People go and get their lips tattooed with pigment that is either a shade or two darker than their skin tone or lighter. As the name suggests, the results are pretty permanent. However, they do not last a lifetime, and the color fades with time. Make sure you only get a permanent lip look under expert guidance and make sure that the product being used is safe for your body. You can watch fabulive live makeup classes and courses online tutorial to see how permanent makeup looks can be done and how effective are they.

How Can A Defined Eye and Lip Makeup Look Make Your Features Stand Out?

One of the Holy Grail that is followed by most of the makeup artists is the lips, and the eyes should be defined to make a person's face stand out. If the eye makeup and the lip makeup will clash with each other, the person will not look nice. In most of the cases, it is said to keep the eye makeup minimal with bright lips and vice versa. If you are going for a bright red lip or a darker lip shade, make sure you apply nude eyeshadows and thin eyeliners. This way the only focus will be on your lips. In case you are going for bold eyes, try and apply very light or nude lipstick shades to make the look work for you.

Is Permanent Makeup Lips Worth The Hype?

The permanent makeup lips are in trend all over the world. These are not exactly permanent lips, but they do last a long time. This procedure is opted by the people who do not have well-defined lips and want to add some definition to it. This method will not help you get a fuller or puffier lip. So the question is, should you opt for this procedure.

The first thing that should be kept in mind is that this procedure is painful. Imaging had needles pricking your lips. This procedure is also very costly. It will cost you are a fortune. If you do not have a high tolerance for pain, you might want to get some anesthesia. There is also a chance of getting infected, and the healing takes over ten days.

Although there are some cons to this procedure, getting it done is a personal choice. If you can go through the pain and want more defined lips and are ready to spend around $1000 to do so, you can surely go ahead and get it done.



Everyone loves to be indoors and just enjoy some good time alone or with family, especially after an extended period of work. It's a time to rest and just catch up with your inner self. During this period you can get to do lots of things, but as you enjoy you also need to ensure you take care of yourself.

Below are ways you can care for yourself while at home.

  1. Eat Healthily

It is only at home that you can get to eat good food which you have cooked for yourself. Stay away from junk food and just enjoy your homemade food. Eat a balanced diet. Avoid skipping meals during the course of the day. Resist the temptation of overeating. Just eat enough. In addition, keep yourself hydrated by drinking just enough water.

  1. Protect Your Eyes

You probably have been at work and you have been wearing your spectacles all through, but now you are at home and just want to give your eyes a breather without impairing your vision. The contact lens will work for you just fine. You can purchase cheap contacts for use from the comfort of your own home by ordering online. The contacts will even be better if you are with your kids and you want to play with them or you are taking in various sporting activities while at home. Unlike your glasses which will break, you contact lenses will be intact. They are easy to wear and are much more convenient.

  1. Get To Exercise

While at home, you may tend to lazy around since most of the time you will not be doing much. But, you can use that time to engage in some light workouts to keep fit, relieve stress and stay healthy. Push-ups, rope skipping, yoga, walking, and light weights are just a few things you can get to do while at home. The workouts will help to keep you active and alert. Afterward, you can get to have a nice bath to freshen up.

  1. Have Some Alone Time

If you have a family, then you will need to create some alone time for yourself. Tasks such as getting kids ready for school, doing laundry, tidying the house, cooking for your family, running personal errands and getting house supplies can take a huge chunk of your time on a day to day basis.

If unchecked you can suffer from exhaustion and breakdown. Giving yourself some time off at least 30 minutes to one hour a day just relax and connect yourself will benefit you greatly. You can get to read your favorite book, pray, meditate or even plan your activities. Even if you are residing alone, it will be beneficial to give yourself breaks from your day to day activities. Give your mind and body the much-needed break to re energize. A day’s nap has been shown to work wonders.

  1. Personal Development

We all seek to grow and but at times the pressures of life prevents us from taking care of ourselves. While at home you can get to engage in personal development activities. Read personal development books such as knowing how to manage your finances. Also, get to watch motivational videos, learn what areas of your life need improvements and how to improve. You can also get work on your new skill by practicing more and more.



The moment you turn 65, you qualify for Medicare no matter what your medical history looks like and no matter what kind of medical insurance you used. From this point on, you can take advantage of the government’s collective bargaining powers and subsidies at a time when health problems tend to start stacking up.

However, it’s not all good news. As a government program, Medicare has trouble with adapting to new treatments and medications, plus it still has things like copays and deductibles. It’s also a very large and very old program that has built up some complicated rules and red tape over the years. Medicare can be hard to understand and navigate through no matter who you are, so it always helps to know or refresh yourself about the basics.

Medicare Is Not Always Automatic

With an easy requirement like “you must be 65 to join,” you’d think that the government would make signing up for Medicare automatic. However, that’s not the case; many people are working past 65, and others get coverage from their spouse’s health plan, so they might not need Medicare. Still, enrolling in Medicare can help since both plans can help pay the same medical bills.

Medicare Is Not Always Free

Medicare and Social Security have a few things in common. One is that their taxes are counted separately on federal tax returns, and another is that you have to pay these taxes a certain number of times to get the full benefits. For Medicare, if you pay the tax for 40 quarter-years, you can get Part A (hospital insurance) without a premium. Part B (health insurance) isn’t free, but if you qualify for Social Security, the government will automatically deduct the premiums from your Social Security deposits. You could also pay higher premiums if you don’t sign up at 65.

Part C Is Medicare Advantage

Original Medicare includes Part A and Part B coverage. Part C expands on these by offering Medicare Advantage plans run by third-party insurers. These plans cover Medicare basics, but they can also cover things like dental plans, vision, and prescription drug costs. You’ll still pay your Medicare premiums, so Part C plans usually don’t add much to the monthly payments.

You can also choose to get a Medicare supplemental insurance plan, which is different from Medicare Advantage. Medicare supplemental insurance or Medigap plans cover the deductibles and copays determined by Medicare. They can also help you pay in-network prices at any facility that accepts Medicare. However, you can’t pay for Medicare Advantage and a Medigap plan at the same time.

Part D Covers Prescriptions

Image via Flickr by Thirteen Of Clubs

Back when the United States government first created Medicare, prescription drugs weren’t a big part of medical costs. That’s changed now, especially in the last few years, so Part D showed up in 2003. Like Part C, Part D is optional, but like Parts A and B, you’ll get a penalty if you enroll late. Assuming you aren’t in a Medicare Advantage plan that covers prescription costs, you can join a Part D plan that will help you with drug prices.

Medicare Doesn’t Cover Long-Term Care

As you grow older, you may find yourself unable to do basic things like putting away groceries, cooking, or picking up heavy packages. That’s why many seniors live in assisted-living housing, and just how much assistance they get depends on the housing and how much the tenant can still do. However, the extra help comes with extra costs, and Medicare doesn’t cover these costs. For that, you should get long-term care insurance.

From a distance, Medicare can look like a giant mess. Still, the basics are easy enough to understand, and you can get a lot more coverage than the basics if you take a look at the available plans and carefully consider what you need and what you can afford. If you can do that, you’ll be well on your way to making the most of your Medicare and any Medicare Advantage or Medigap coverage you buy.


Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is not a particularly common injury — it only affects about three percent of people — but it's still quite serious. It's important to know what you can do to remedy this condition so that, if you do experience it, it doesn't become debilitating.


If you don't like the idea of invasive treatments like surgery or steroid injections, there are lots of natural frozen shoulder remedies that you can try first. Five of the most effective remedies are listed below.

What is Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder occurs when the joint capsule (connective tissues that surround the shoulder bones, tendons, and ligaments) becomes thickened and tightens around the joint.


This condition is characterized by pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. This condition develops slowly and can be broken down into the following three stages:


  • Freezing stage: During this stage, any movement of the shoulder causes pain and range of motion becomes limited

  • Frozen stage: Pain begins to diminish, but the shoulder becomes stiffer and more difficult to use

  • Thawing stage: Range of motion begins to improve


Each stage typically lasts for several months.

What Causes Frozen Shoulder?

In many cases, there's not a clear cause of frozen shoulder. However, researchers have found that some people are more prone to frozen shoulder than others.


Some common risk factors of frozen shoulder include:


  • Age and sex: People over the age of 40 — especially women — are likely to experience frozen shoulder

  • Prolonged immobility or reduced mobility from rotator cuff injuries, fractures, or strokes

  • Systemic diseases like diabetes, thyroid disorders, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson's disease, and tuberculosis

How to Treat Frozen Shoulder Naturally

These natural remedies can help you minimize the symptoms of frozen shoulder so you can reduce your symptoms and improve your mobility without side effects.

1. Heat

What better way to counteract something frozen than by adding heat?


Applying a warm compress to your shoulder, taking a hot shower, or soaking in a warm bath can help loosen up your muscles and reduce stiffness.


While you're applying heat, try to move your shoulder in small circles to keep blood flowing to the area.

2. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an eastern remedy that many people swear by for treating everything from pain and inflammation to digestive disorders and depression.


For people with frozen shoulder, acupuncture can promote relaxation and speed up the healing process.


Many people are intimidated by acupuncture and are worried about having needles stuck in their body. Remember, though, that the needles the acupuncturist uses are very thin. Most people don't feel anything when they're inserted.

3. Bracing

You don't have to completely give up exercise and your favorite activities when you're dealing with frozen shoulder. In fact, it's important to keep moving so that you can keep inflammation in the shoulder down.


That being said, it's important to take steps to avoid making your symptoms worse.


If you're going to participate in exercise or some other kind of activity, be sure to wear a shoulder brace to prevent re-injury. Shoulder braces stabilize the joint and provide a bit of compression, which can improve blood flow to the injured area.

4. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation — also known as TENS — is a type of therapy that involves having tiny electrical currents delivered to specific points on the nerve pathways. If you try this therapy, you'll have small electrodes taped to the skin around your shoulder joint.


TENS therapy isn't painful or harmful. It simply stimulates the nerves and signals the release of endorphins to help minimize the discomfort that is caused by frozen shoulder. TENS therapy can also block the specific fibers that carry pain impulses.

5. Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Finally, instead of relying on potentially damaging anti-inflammatory drugs, try using natural supplements that help reduce inflammation in the body.


Some of the best anti-inflammatory supplements include:


  • Turmeric

  • Omega-3 fatty acids (such as fish oil capsules)

  • Coenzyme Q10 (a natural antioxidant)

  • Magnesium


It's also good to consume anti-inflammatory, nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught fish. Probiotic-rich foods and drinks like kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi are also good to include.


At medical school, there is a wide range of different specialities that you can pursue to learn more and further your career. A popular career path speciality for many doctors is to become an otolaryngologist. If you are unfamiliar with what an otolaryngologist is, this is essentially an ear, nose and throat doctor and they are commonly referred to as an ENT doctor. If this is something that you are interested in and would like to know a little but more about this specialised career path, make sure to keep on reading for all the information that you need.


Education and Training

If you want to become an ear, nose and throat doctor, then you will need to start off with the traditional route which is putting yourself through medical school. You will need to score highly on your MCAT test and then move on to get a great undergraduate GPA degree. Your main focus here should be getting good scores in the core sciences which are organic chemistry, general chemistry biology and physics. A great tip that we would really recommend for you to do is shadow an ear, nose and throat doctor as this will give you the best indication of what the job is really like and whether or not this is the right career path for you. You will have to apply to complete 4 years of medical school and it is during the last two years that you will be able to specialise in otolaryngologist and take the specific coursework that comes along with this.

If you are seriously trying to start a career as an otolaryngologist, then you will need to make sure that you are prepared to put in a lot of time, hard work and effort into it as it can take you anywhere from three to five years to complete an ENT residency. During this time, it will also be compulsory for you to take one year of surgery training. After this, it will be time for you to get your state medical license and you can obtain board certification through the American Board of Otolaryngology. You will also need to get your indemnity insurance for surgeons which is a contractual alternative to the traditional discretionary indemnity products provided by the mutuals. However, it is important to remember that even after all of this hard work and training, you will still need to renew your license which varies but it is normally between every 7 to 10 years.


Your Responsibilities as an Otolaryngologist

As an otolaryngologist, you will be extremely busy and this is not a job for the faint-hearted. You can expect to see up to 40 patients per day and how much work you receive will all depend on the type of place that you work as this could be for a large medical organisation, a hospital, or in a private practice. As part of your job, you will be required to examine patients of every age but as a general rule of thumb, it tends to be mainly paediatric care that you will predominantly be dealing with. This is due to many ENT issues being present in teenagers and children. The most common problems that you will come across and will have to treat include sinus infections, ear infections, tonsillitis, cochlear issues and deviated septums. As an otolaryngologist you can also expect to have to perform as many as 250 surgeries each year and the main surgeries you will have to perform include reconstructive surgery, removing tumours and tonsillectomies.


So you are considering opening a medical practice in 2019? Then now is the right time to start planning and organising your business. Private healthcare comes in a wide variety of forms and an increasing number of people are turning to it as the NHS suffers under the weight of expectation. But what are the primary considerations for a medical practice?


Understanding the regulations


Before you think about starting a practice, you need to work with experts to ensure you comply with all relevant regulations. These can include:


  • Care Quality Commission
  • Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
  • Human Tissue Authority
  • Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
  • General Medical Council


Not all of these might apply for example, if you have just finished botox then you don't need the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority. But you will also need to look at insurance and indemnity requirements as well as demands from the local authority for the type of practice you are opening.


Patient contracts


You will also want to have a lawyer work on the patient contracts to ensure everything is done correctly to protect both you and the patient. You will want clear terms and conditions about what you do and the scope of services.


Data protection


Following the changes with GDPR, data protection is an even more hot topic than before. You need clear data protection policies and practices in place and to be certain you know what to do in the event that something does go wrong. Healthcare data protection is a very controversial topic and you don't want to fall on the wrong side of it.


Technology for services


There's a growing use of technology in healthcare services and you will want to invest in this from the outset. Smartphone apps and online services are an excellent way to help patients but there are also regulatory and legal requirements you must be aware of when offering these services.


Clinician contracts


You will also want to lay out the contracts for any clinicians and other staff coming to work in the practice. Again a lawyer specialising in employment law will be a good bet for this. Lay out requirements, working hours, holidays and other key parts of the employment for potential staff to be able to view before committing to working with you so there are no causes for problems at a later date once they are an employee.




The world of beauty and cosmetics has grown by leaps and bound with the number of cosmetic procedures being developed and undertaken each day. Botox is one such procedure that many people are now opting for out of the sole purpose of correcting aging lines across the eyes, neck, and forehead. This is a complex procedure which has its benefits and disadvantages, which one needs to consider before undertaking the procedure.

Below are some facts about Botox.

  1. Specialized Treatment Can Be Offered

People have different cosmetic and beauty needs and one method can work for you perfectly and not work on another person. So, you can always have the doctor perform all the necessary tests and then recommend for you a personalized treatment. Settle for the best same day dermal filler treatment in Melbourne. Research well enough before settling on the perfect provider. It is imperative to know your skin needs so that you can have the best treatment for it.

  1. Has Side-Effects And Hurts Mildly

Botox procedure has side-effects which are normally mild and usually pass away after some time. A headache, tenderness, inflammation, swelling in the injected area, muscle weakness and skin tightness are some of the side-effects you will experience. If the procedure is done in a wrong manner, you can develop severe complications and infections, which will spread to other parts of your face. Breathing, swallowing and speaking difficulties are other side-effects you can experience. Generally, the procedure lasts a few minutes and hurts for just a few minutes.

  1. Can Also Be Done By Non-Professionals

The procedure is usually done by a professional which is the best way to do it. But it can also be done by non-professionals but under the guidelines a certified dermatologist. The injection is pretty much simple. But, be careful about this. Do proper research and consultation first before the procedure is done. If the procedure is done too deep, too shallow, or on the wrong spot, it can cause serious medical consequences.

  1. It Is Costly

Cosmetic procedures nowadays are very expensive, so before you get to undertake the Botox procedure set aside enough cash. Since it can be done by different people including Spa professional, prices will tend to vary. Some charge per unit Botox, while others charge per treatment areas. The location and the experience level of the expert will also determine the total cost of the procedure. On average, you will use around $500. Research first then settle for the cheaper option but do not compromise on the quality of service.

  1. Results Will Be Evident But Again Fade Away

With any cosmetic procedure, for it to be successful, it must be done in the right way. If the Botox procedure is done correctly, you will start to see results in a week's time with full results showing after 2 weeks when the results are at maximum. But the truth is that these results will again start to fade away after around 4 months meaning you will have to go for another Botox procedure if need be.






Some manufacturers spend a lot of time developing products that make life more convenient but never consider their safety. For example, the cellphone has definitely improved the way people communicate. With that said, the cell phone has been a hot health topic for quite some time. In fact, researchers have conducted several studies, attempting to link mobile phones with a broad range of health risks. These risks include cancer, sleep problems and changes in brain activity. While these risks have not been scientifically proven, they still raise concern in the health community. Below, you will discover a list of the most common health problems caused by defective products.


Some devices that are surgically implanted into humans have been linked to paralysis. While these cases are rare, the risks are still there. And, this is not to mention the many medical procedures that have left patients with some form of paralysis. Of course, most surgeons tell their patients about these risks. However, there are some patients that claim they were not forewarned.


Every patient who is left paralyzed due to a medical procedure has the right to file a lawsuit against the surgeon, hospital and device manufacturer.


Cancer is a disease that has been linked to defective products, medical procedures and environmental exposures. While some cases can be cleared up quickly with chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, some victims are not so lucky. If you develop cancer due to a defective product, you need to know your rights. Victims of defective products have the right to file a lawsuit against the device manufacturer and the surgeon. Knowing these rights will not only protect you from financial loss due to a permanent injury or chronic disease related to the defective product but also protect your family as well.

Food Poisoning

Some people would not consider improperly cooked foods a defective product. However, foods that are not cooked properly pose many health risks, with the main one being food poisoning. While this condition is not known to cause permanent damage, reports show that some victims have developed kidney problems after eating contaminated foods.


Another disease caused by defective products is known as mesothelioma. Most cases have been linked to products that contain asbestos. Believe it or not, there are thousands of cases where people have developed mesothelioma after long-term exposure to asbestos.


Another common problem related to defective products is alopecia, permanent hair loss. Many hair care products, such as shampoos, dyes, conditioners and permanents, have caused alopecia. Victims were a mixture of both men and women, so no one is completely protected from these risks. While these manufacturers guarantee their products, it is important to know the risk of utilizing a new hair care product.


Millions of people utilize tobacco products, such as chewing tobacco, cigarettes and snuff. All of these products tend to cause lung disease and cancer. Even though the manufacturer forewarns of these risks, you can still file a lawsuit if you develop COPD or lung cancer after utilizing these products.