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Do you need a colon cleanse?

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People irrigate their colons to cleanse them. Even though it may not sound pleasant but people who have been using it claim that it can provide numerous health benefits. Such health benefits may include better digestion and weight loss.

What is a colon cleanse

Colon cleansing is also known as colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy. In this process, the colon is flushed with fluids to remove waste.

Digestive waste present in the colon can become toxins to the body. If these wastes are not removed they may create different problems in the human body.

In this process a professional known as colonic hygienist performs the colon cleanse. About 60 litres of fluid is sent through a tube into the rectum. Toxins are then expelled through a different tube. The process is repeated if needed.

There are differen colon irrigation products available in your local drug store or online that you can use at home. For that, you do not need to go to a colonic hygienist.

The benefits of colon cleansing

Colon cleansing is good for you because it can remove the toxins from your digestive system. It can result in weight loss, better absorption, increased energy and better thinking.

Colon cleansing can save you from different health problems such as high blood pressure. When colon cleansing is done, it removes toxins, enhances your immune system, and also boosts your energy.

Makes the digestive system more effective

After the colon is cleansed, it can push waste through your system and improve nutrition absorption. A clean colon will allow waste to pass easily.

Maintains regularity and prevents constipation

Due to constipation, your body may have a sluggish digestive response and that can result in leaving waste in the system longer. It can result in different types of medical conditions and irritations including hemorrhoids and very close friends. A colon cleanse saves you from all these.

More energy

When you release the toxins from your body, it will rejuvenate your body because it re-focuses the energy used in forcing waste through your intestine. Because of that once you complete your colon detoxification, you will have better blood circulation, better sleep, and a boost in energy.

Improves concentration

Because of a poor diet and ineffective vitamin absorption you may become more distracted and lose your concentration. The buildup of toxins and mucus in the colon can prevent your body from absorbing the necessary vitamins and minerals. When you remove all the toxins and mucus, your body will be better because it can observe vitamins and minerals better. It will also help you to feel alert and focus more.

Weight loss

A colon cleanse can kickstart weight loss. Foods that do not contain fiber move through the digestive tract at one-quarter the pace of high-fiber choices. This slow-moving food can produce excess mucus which may stick to the intestinal walls and then can weigh down the intestinal tract. Such mucous may also store pounds of decaying fecal matter. A colon cleanse can help you to get rid of this excess weight in the digestive tract. 

A pilot study done in 2016 found that colon cleansing can help in improving gastrointestinal symptoms in the case of people with irritable bowel syndrome.

An alternative to going to the colon hygienist

Instead of traditional irrigation in colon cleanse, there are many products available in the market which can offer you similar benefits through oral supplements. These products are available in capsules, and powders and many of them include plant fibers and natural laxatives. If you take such supplements, the whole process can become much simpler.

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