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Online Grief Counselling- Is it effective?

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How online therapy can help you to manage your grief better?

Grief is a part of our lives. At various times due to various reasons, we may feel grief. Because of the ups and downs in life, we may find it difficult to cope with some of the downs that we encounter while living. Especially the experience of losing a loved one can result in tremendous grief.

When children leave their homes, the parents may feel grief because the house is quiet all the time. Someone trying to have a baby but finds out because of their infertility, they cannot have a baby. Someone loved someone else but what is the rejected. These types of situations can result in grief and if not managed, it can have a tremendous negative impact on physical and mental health.

You need support to manage the screen and fight it. However, in modern society people do not have enough time to listen to other people for hours. And because of the reaction of friends and family to your grief, you may not feel like opening up to them.

When you’re feeling grief, it is very difficult to go out and seek help. You may not feel like going out at all and may not want to talk to anyone. However, you need to do something because otherwise, the situation will not change.

Fortunately, there are options available. Online grief counseling can play a very important role in helping you out of the grief and start living a normal life. Online grief counseling is very accessible, confidential, and a convenient way to get over the grief. It is an alternative to traditional grief counseling methods.

5 Stages of Grief

The five stages of grief are

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

You may or may not experience all five stages. It is not mandatory that all the five stages should happen when you are in grief.

Stage 1-denial

Sometimes you may pretend that the loss or change has not happened. This is not unusual. When you deny it, you get more time to gradually a job the event and news and can start processing it. It is a defense mechanism and it can help you by numbing you to the intensity.


Break up or divorce – “they’re just upset, this will be over soon.

Job loss- they are mistaken. They will call tomorrow to say they need me.”

Death of a loved one “ “She’s not gone. She’ll be back.”

Stage 2-anger

Anger is considered a masking effect. It tries to hide many emotions and pain. It can be redirected at other people and sometimes dangle may be directed at inanimate objects.

Anger may take the forms of bitterness or resentment.


Break up or divorce – “I hate him/her! He/She will regret leaving me!

Job loss- they are terrible bosses, they will fail.

Death of a loved one “ “how can God let this happen? Where is God now?

Stage 3-bargaining

Grief is an intense emotion where you feel helpless and vulnerable and to gain back control, you may want to feel like you can impact the outcome of an event. During this stage, you may create “what if” and “if only” statements.

Some people may also try to make a deal or a promise to God or a superpower in return for getting out of grief and pain.


Break up or divorce – “if only I had spent more time with him/her, he/she would have stayed.

Job loss- if only I worked hard and listen to them, they would have seen me as available billable.

Death of a loved one “ “if only I had called her that night, she wouldn’t be gone.

Stage 4- Depression

During this stage, you will be much quieter. You’ll be able to embrace and work through the grief better. You may also isolate yourself from other people.

Stage 5-acceptance

You start accepting the loss and grief. However, it doesn’t mean you are happy. You have accepted the event and now you understand what it means. You will feel very different in this stage.

How does Online grief therapy work?

Online grief therapy or online grief counseling can be of several forms and you can choose one that you are comfortable with.

Online grief therapy can be done through online chat using an app or a website. Video or telephone calls are also used when you need a more personal experience.

The benefit of online therapy is that it can be scheduled around you depending on the time and place convenient for you. 

What is done in Online grief therapy?

In online grief counseling or therapy, you talk to a grief therapist who will listen to you and will support you to get over the grief that is holding you back. You need to be honest with the therapist about your emotions and thoughts and behavior.

It is important to talk about everything that you’re feeling so that the therapist can help you by finding out what is happening to you and what is the best way to help you.

The therapist will help you to explore your thoughts and emotions. This may sometimes result in crying, shouting, or other emotional outbursts. Don’t worry about them because if they are needed they are also welcome.

Online grief therapy helps you by offering a safe place where you can talk your heart out. This helps in getting all the emotions out of the surface.

How long does it take?

The time necessary to get over the grief, manage it better, and start living normally will depend on the person going through the counseling or therapy and the situation. Since no two people or situations are the same, the time necessary may vary a lot.

The therapy will help you to pass the five stages of grief quickly so that you can emerge in a new person after the therapy is done and leave a normal life.

Is online grief counseling effective?

Several studies have been done to find the efficiency of online-based counseling methods. The results have continuously demonstrated that such online therapy is as effective as other traditional matters.

Online great therapy from Online-Therapy.com can help you better in comparison to many traditional methods. In such online therapies, you need to document how are you are feeling. It forces you to become more reflective and helps you to understand yourself better. The documentation in the form of writing or audio or any other way also helps you to look back and see how much you have progressed.

Online grief counseling offered by Online-Therapy.com is also beneficial for people who do not have time or wish to go out and find experience and certify therapies. It is good for people who are living abroad but wants to talk to someone in the native language. 

  • Seek help
  • You don’t have to suffer alone.
  • Get help and support.
  • Get over your grief and start living a normal life today.