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Counseling for highly sensitive people

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Therapy for empaths for counseling for highly sensitive people is a specialized type of counseling. Finding a therapist who has specific experience in therapy for empaths can be difficult because many of the therapists are not experienced with empaths.

Here at Dr. Tipster, we can help you to find the right type of therapist and counselors who have experience and expertise in providing counseling for highly sensitive people or empaths.

Finding an empath therapist in a traditional setting can be very difficult. However, if you tried to search for an empath therapist online, it will be much easier for you to find the right one. You'll be able to choose the right one from the thousands of therapists so that you get more affordable help and convenience.

What is an empath?

We can put ourselves in another person's shoes and we can imagine how they must be feeling. We can also express our sincere concern whenever necessary because you can feel their feelings and emotions. We can feel happy and share another person's joy.

However, an empath is different from the general people. An empath not only understands how another person must be feeling but he or she can also actually feel the same emotions along with the other person. They can feel the emotions with an equal degree of intensity like the other person. This is an automatic, subconscious, and uncontrolled response.

Sometimes the ability to strongly feel what other people are feeling can become overwhelming. Those people may find it difficult to filter out the emotions of other people. Understanding what are their own emotions and what are the absorbed emotions of other people can be difficult for such empaths sometimes. It can be a gift but it can also become a burden.

The counseling for empaths is different from other types of counseling. They need a special type of therapy so that they can cope with the emotional sensory overload that they often face.

Are you an empath?

How would you know if you are an empath? Even though all empaths are unique, there are some common characteristics. If you have these characteristics, probably you are also an empath.

Highly sensitive people often tend to be overly self-critical. They often want to please other people and try to avoid conflict. Such people often find it difficult to fit in and they generally come across as being shy.

People who are overly empathic may find it difficult to have their voice heard in relationships. Such relationships include both personal and professional ones.

Highly sensitive people often hear different things from other people, most of which are negative. However, people who make such negative comments about your personality and your behavior often do not understand you and your situation. It doesn't mean that they are right and you are worthless.

Highly empathic people always try to help other people. Because they want to fix someone, they are drawn into dysfunctional relationships.

People who are highly empathic often have highly tuned senses and so they are really surprised or startled.

Why is normal therapy not good enough?

The normal therapy methods do not work with highly sensitive people. Such methods can actually be detrimental to the highly empathic person. If the therapist is not knowledgeable of the difficulties and pitfalls that at least in treating highly sensitive people, it can result in difficult situations. That is why it is very important to find a therapist who is knowledgeable and has experience with highly sensitive people. You need to find the best and the right counseling services for highly sensitive people.

Highly sensitive people often worry that their ability is considered a disorder and the therapist may try to cure it. But they do not want it. For highly empathic people there highly tuned empathy is an advantage. It is like a sixth sense for them. They do not want to remove it but want to know and learn how to give better with this gift.

The best counseling for empaths

We at Dr. Tipster recommend Online-Therapy.com. They have dozens of online therapists with the necessary experience and expertise in helping empaths.

At Online-Therapy.com, you can go for unlimited sessions and chats by paying a fixed weekly fee. It is significantly economical in comparison to traditional offline counseling for highly sensitive people.

To use the services of Online-Therapy.com, you need to feel a simple questionnaire. Using the answers provided by you and taking into consideration the preferences you highlight, Online-Therapy.com will match you with the right therapist and will be able to offer the best services to you. You can choose among the therapists and counselors who recommend it to you. If you need to change the therapist at any point in time for any reason, you'll be able to do so without any hassle.

How does online therapy for empathic people work?

Having a highly empathic person is different from working with other people. There are several extra steps that are required in comparison to treatment for common and general people.

The objective of the therapy and counseling is not to restrict the empathic person's abilities but it is to help the person understand and control them better. There are several effective and tasted treatment options available for highly sensitive people which can help them to achieve this.

While offering counseling and therapy for a highly empathic person, it is important to help them to understand the influence of their inner voice over their personal beliefs and help them to control it better.

Online therapy for empathic people can also help them to reduce the desire to please other people. Helping other people is different but pleasing other people can destroy your life. counseling and therapy for highly sensitive people help them to recognize the warning signs in a relationship and also help them to learn how to handle such relationships.

The counseling and therapy for highly sensitive people also focus on helping them to be able to differentiate between their own emotions and the emotions of other people. Counseling can help highly empathic people to prioritize their personal emotions so that they can first help themselves and then help other people.

Is it different from traditional methods?

Online therapy for empaths is different from traditional methods. There are several advantages of online therapy for empathic people. It is very convenient. Clients can attend the sessions anytime and anywhere. They can schedule sessions at their convenience. They can attend them right from their homes and so they don't have to travel to the counselor’s office. They also don't have to take time off to travel and come back. These therapy sessions can be as private as the client wants them to be.

If you want to keep it private and will not want to inform anyone about it, you can do so with online counseling for empaths.

Online therapy for empaths with Online-Therapy.com offers all these benefits. The therapy can help highly sensitive people to improve their lives without completely changing their nature.