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Problem with aluminium-based antiperspirant

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What is the problem with aluminium-based antiperspirant? Many people believe that there is a link between cancer and aluminium-based antiperspirant. Although scientists have not found any direct link between aluminium-based antiperspirants and cancer, specifically breast cancer. According to the believers, because the antiperspirant containing aluminium is used very close to the breasts, tissues absorb the chemicals and that can result in cell mutations. However, research has not yet found any evidence for the site linked. If that is the case, then why should you use a natural deodorant?

For peace

To put your mind completely at rest, you need to start using natural deodorants. It will help you to avoid aluminium and even though there is no evidence that there is a link between aluminium and breast cancer, or Alzheimer's, it is difficult to show that such a relationship is impossible. If you are at a higher predisposition to any of such problems, it is always better to a natural deodorant because it'll help you to sleep that night.  

A natural way

Using a natural deodorant will help you to neutralise sweat in a more natural way. Natural deodorants use coconut oil, corn starch, arrowroot powder and other natural components. These natural ingredients neutralise bad smelling bacteria. Different powders can help you to observe excess wetness. These natural deodorants are safe. When you use such a product, you always know what you are putting on your body.

Cover Smell, not sweat

Natural deodorant cover smell, not swept and that's a good thing. If you're using traditional deodorant and then you switch to a natural product, it may take a few days or weeks for the underarms to rebalance their ecosystem. By using an armpit detox you can speed up the process. Natural deodorants will not stop sweat but they will minimise odor when it becomes hot. It will not eliminate your own personal scent but will eliminate the odor.

Safer for your skin

Natural deodorants are made of natural ingredients and so they are easier on your skin. Most of the chemicals present in the traditional deodorants may irritate your skin and sometimes may even cause some problems. The smell free natural deodorant is good for you if you are allergic fragrances and chemicals. Since these natural deodorants are smell free, they are safer for your skin.

No stains on your clothes

When you use natural deodorants, there will be no or at least fewer stains on your clothes. When swept mixes with the aluminium present in different antiperspirants, it causes yellow stains on the clothes. You will see those stains specially on the armpits of your clothes and they will also show up at the outside. When you switch from an aluminium containing deodorant to an aluminium free deodorant, you will not have such stains on your clothes.

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