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Medical Residency In 2021: Residents Medical Offers Some Perspective

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In 2021, over 40,000 medical graduates will apply for residency positions in the US. It is expected that not every student will get matched. Going by recent statistics, around 6% of applicants will fail to match. In addition, many applicants will be forced to opt for residencies that weren’t their first choice.

Covid-19 Pandemic

According to the CEO of Residents Medical, the pandemic has changed the residency selection process. However, it has also provided the opportunity for systemic changes and improvements.

Even before the pandemic, there were calls to reform the residency selection process. One issue that needed reform is the increasing number of programs that applicants apply for. In 2019-2020, applicants from American medical schools applied to an average of 65 residency programs. This number of applications imposes a substantial cost on applicants, and it doesn’t improve match rates. It also poses an unmanageable load on program directors.

Covid-19 disruptions will stress the already challenged system. If social distancing measures and travel disruptions persist, it will be challenging to conduct in-person interviews. Therefore, temporary solutions, such as conducting virtual interviews, will need to be used.

Residency Will Continue Playing an Important Role in 2021

In 2021, medical students will still need to undergo residency if they want to become licensed. In light of the current physician shortage, emphasis will be placed on more graduates entering residency to address the prevailing shortage.

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed that there is a need for highly competent physicians. The main purpose of a residency program is to improve the competency level of a graduate. Medical school creates a half-baked physician because it mainly deals with theoretical issues. The role of residency is to create a holistic professional who can respond appropriately to patients' needs.

Residency focuses on hands-on practical skills. These are the skills needed to treat patients. Medical residency will equip an individual with technical skills through competency-based training. A resident will gain scientific knowledge on the latest medical advances. They will also be enlightened on time-honored techniques.

In-class learning is mostly about individual effort, but residency focuses on team effort. A resident will learn how to harness teamwork to improve patient outcomes and drive evidence-based decision making.

Promotion of Soft Skills

Medicine has always been taken as a solemn profession. This is bound to change in 2021 going forward. Modern-day residency emphasizes soft skills. They are just as important as hard skills.

Communication skills are vital. A physician has to communicate with a patient clearly and concisely.  Clear communication will lead to the right diagnosis. Peer-to-peer communication is also crucial in a medical setting. At times, doctors need to collaborate to find the right cure.  Creative thinking and problem-solving skills are also quite valuable. A good physician always thinks out of the box. They have a problem-solving mindset.

Residency will train a graduate on how always to maintain a positive attitude. Through interacting with patients, a resident will learn empathy.

Residents Will Help In Combating the Novel Coronavirus

The medical system has been overwhelmed by the pandemic. As a result, medical graduates are being asked to join the fight to help reduce the burden. Most residents will find themselves on the frontline as soon as they start residency. This will be challenging, but it will offer a unique learning opportunity.

Finding the Best Residency Starts with Residents Medical Group

Most graduates struggle with finding the best residency. They spend a lot of time, effort, and money on applying to different programs, and they end up in programs that they don’t desire. For some, they fail to match entirely.

Residents Medical has helped thousands of graduates to successfully match to the best resident programs. Residents Medical Group works with medical graduates and helps them develop the skills needed to become a top candidate for whichever residency programs they apply for.