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Things To Consider When Choosing A Nursing Facility For Your Elderly Family

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Panorama of a happy nurse with a stethoscope covering an elderly man with a blanket in a nursing home

As much as we'd like to take care of our elderly, we just can't do it easily because of our busy daily schedule. Sending our elderly family to a nursing home is not really a consideration at first. But the truth is, our elderly will be in much better hands if we send them to a nursing home or facility. In there, they'll be given full-time, high-quality in-home care 24/7.

If you can find a good nursing home or facility, the decision to put our elderly in the care of others is a lot easier. As mentioned, our elderly are in much better hands if they're in the hands of a skilled nursing facility who'll take care of them. You don't have to worry too much since you know your elderly are in good hands.

The only thing you have to do is to choose a nursing facility with skilled healthcare professionals and is fully-equipped to take care of our elderly family. If you're still looking for a good nursing facility, here are some key points that'll help you choose one.

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Young nurse helping an elderly woman in a wheelchair. Nursing home concept

1. Staff Members

Since the staff members are going to be the ones to take care of your elderly, when looking for a nursing facility, they should be the first thing that you want to consider. The staff members must have the right attitude, skills, expertise, and professionalism.

Before you make a decision, ask as many questions as possible and take some time to observe the staff of a nursing facility you're going to choose. As you observe, take note of the staff who are skilled in providing nursing and personal care. You should look for staff who's polite, respectful, and warm towards the elderly.

Here are some additional things to consider when checking out the staff of a nursing facility:

  • The staff must have continuing education and training programs at the nursing home.
  • To see if the nursing facility doesn't hire a nursing aide who has a record of neglect or mistreatment, talk with the administrator to gain permission to check the records of the staff.
  • You should also check if there's a licensed nurse at the nursing facility.
  • To ensure that all the needs of your elderly are met, make sure that the staff is willing to work with you.

2. Services They Offer

When choosing a nursing facility, it's important to look into the services they offer. All nursing homes provide long-term care for elderlies, but they also have other services and health care to offer. So, it's important to find out which services your elderly needs, then check if the nursing facility you're going to choose will provide these services.

If possible, you want to choose a nursing facility that doesn't only provides services that are important for meeting the specific needs of the elderlies, but also provides services that look to improve their quality of life. This includes the meal and dining experience, daily activities that can help entertain the elderly, and many more. These things can make a big difference in improving the quality of life of elderlies staying in nursing facilities.

The nursing facility you're going to choose must also have special health care services according to the specific needs of the elderly. For example, if the elderly have dementia, the nursing facility must also have a specialized unit to care for elderlies with dementia. If the elderly need rehabilitation, the facility must also have a rehabilitation unit on-site.

3. Location

You'll want to visit your elderly family member whenever you have the time. So, choosing a nursing facility that's within a convenient location is something that you should really consider.

Choose a nursing facility that's not too far from home or your work. However, if the nursing facility is not close to you, make sure that it's close to one of your trusted family members or relatives who are willing to visit your elderly from time to time.

4. Size

The size of the nursing home is important as it can make a big difference in the health and well-being of your elderly.

You have to make sure that the nursing facility you're going to choose is big enough to provide a caring and friendly environment for your elderly. Also, the facility must be able to provide sufficient space for each elderly. 

Final Thoughts

Before you choose a nursing facility, you should always think about the health and wellbeing of your elderly. If the elderly are your parents, then they deserve to be placed in the best nursing facility there is. Assess the location, size, services, and the staffing of a nursing facility you’re going to choose before signing a contract with them. Visit the nursing facility to see what type of care and services they can provide. Lastly, make sure to visit your elderly frequently once they've moved into the nursing facility.