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Few Reasons Why People Go for Laser Eye Surgery

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If you can see clearly then it can always impact your career positively and also in your personal relationships. There are millions of people, who unfortunately have vision problem and cannot enjoy their life fully.

With the discovery of laser eye surgery, also known as LASIK, many people now are in a position to see clearly. They need not wear and maintain glasses or any contact lenses.

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Following are few reasons why one should prefer LASIK surgery today.

  1. LASIK procedure may take only few minutes

    You will be quite surprised to know that this procedure takes just ten minutes for each eye and within 60 seconds your vision will get corrected.

  2. LASIK is never painful

    LASIK is a painless procedure. Few patients however may feel a little pressure around their eye area, but most patients will not feel any kind of pain.

  3. Relieves from contact lens issues

    When contact lenses turn problematic, then many people prefer to choose laser eye surgery to remain totally spectacle independent.

  4. Recovery is quite quick

    Within less than a week, you can get fully recovered after the procedure. Few people even can go to their work on very next day after the surgery.

  5. LASIK procedure can treat different eye problems

    This kind of treatment can resolve multiple types of eyesight issues like astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia etc.

  6. Rarely ends up with complication

    Usually with every surgery, there are certain risks and also side effects however, with LASIK there are only very few complications. Few side effects which may occur are always temporary, and patients can quickly recover from the procedure.

  7. Cost effective

    Often people think this surgery is expensive procedure and try to delay it, on the contrary, it will be very cost effective in the longer run.

  8. Offers better vision

    Those who are unhappy because of their vision problem and using glasses/contacts should choose laser eye surgery that will enable them to achieve much better eyesight.

  9. Improve appearance

    Many people simply do not like their face with glasses as their appearance undergo a change and will always prefer to go for such vision correction procedure.

However, everybody is not eligible for LASIK surgery. Following few conditions will disqualify you to go for LASIK surgery.

  1. Those who are less than 18 years of age

    Since at teenage, the vision may change dramatically hence LASIK is not recommended.

  2. Pregnant or nursing mothers

    Hormone fluctuations and also fluid retention may cause changes in woman’s vision during this stage, LASIK must be avoided.

  3. If you are under any prescription drugs

    Prescription drugs can always influence the result of LASIK procedure and hence it must be avoided.

  4. If your vision is unstable

    If your vision is not stable then certainly you are not the right candidate for such treatment.

  5. If you are not in normal health

    Few medical conditions may not allow to undergo this procedure.

  6. If you have dry eye issue

    Anyone having dry eyes will have increased risk of post-Lasik discomfort which may even worsen dry eye symptoms.

  7. If your Pupils will dilate above 7 mm in the Dark

    Before undergoing Lasik, doctors check the area of your eye, which should be only 6 mm diameter.

However, those who are normal, should not delay much, if you are contemplating LASIK surgery.