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How to Fight Stress and Anxiety through Exercising

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It has been proven over and over again through various studies: Exercising is the best way to relieve stress and anxiety. It can do so as effectively as medicine, but without the side effects these can bring. Also, it regulates the whole body while drugs only remove the symptoms caused by stressors. This article will explain how exercising can bring peace back into your life.

If You Can't Exercise: Breathe

The best way to get rid of stress rapidly is to put on your sneakers and go out running or exercise. But when you are in the middle of your work day, it is not always possible to just drop everything and focus on physical activity. This said, being at the office should not stop you from doing crunches, push-up and the plank. Ten minutes of exercise can go a long way into your day.

But since you may find yourself unable to move, it is of outmost importance that you learn to breathe. Yes, we all breathe naturally, but in periods of stress, our breathing rhythm gets modified and we need to get back to it, in order to release the stress. To do so, you need to learn techniques which you can find on websites like intermittent-breathing.com. That's a strategy to break anxiety which you can practice anytime and anywhere.

How Does Exercise Relieve Stress?

When you need to lose the stress that is weighing you down, research has shown that exercise can do so. As you enter into a physical activity, your heart rate, breathing rate and body awareness will increase. It is the latter that will help the nervous system block the negative impulses of stress and anxiety. It will act as an anti-anxiety treatment by relieving tension, boosting your physical and mental energy, all the while enhancing your well-being through the endorphins released in your brain.

In order to get the maximum effect from your workout, the studies suggest that weight training, walking, running and swimming, are the best activities to practice. These training sessions don't need to be long in order to be effective. If you manage to slide in 30 minutes of exercises five times per week into your day, it will be sufficient to reap the benefits. Your mental health will become saner, and you'll have the physical and mental energy to face and fight your stress.

Getting you to move from your couch is difficult? How about starting with 5-minutes exercise sessions? The most important is to start. Once you enter the rhythm, endorphins will help you to keep going.