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Glute activation for better butts

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If you want to create stunning looking butts, you will need to go for great glutes workouts. Along with the workouts, you'll also need to go for glutes activation which is a primary focus for a lot of women nowadays.

Glute activation

Glutes activation means activating or firing up the gluteal muscles to strengthen them. It is necessary because in case of many people there glutes often remain inactive or switched off. If you are one of those people, your glute muscles will be a weak.

The glutes or gluteal muscles are the muscles present in your butt. They include three major muscles, which are gluteus maximus (the main, large muscle that shapes your backside), gluteus medius and gluteus minimus (two smaller muscles that assist the gluteus maximus in moving your body).

Why do you have weak glutes?

Many people have weak glutes because of several reasons but one of the main causes is that many of those people live increasingly sedentary lifestyles. It may be because of the jobs or because of availability of different means of comfort, many people are not moving their bodies a lot. People also sit down for a long duration during the day. As a result of that the gluteus muscles can become dormant after some time. Sometimes some people rely on other muscles during every day movements and many people also have poor form. These factors also result in weakening of the gluteal muscles. It is very important to ensure that you actively work on activating the gluteal muscles if you want a strong backside.

Why do you need glute activation?

If you can activate your glutes, it'll help you to strengthen them. But why do you need strong glutes muscles? Because strong glutes muscles are extremely important as they can have a major impact on your overall body strength. The glutes support your core and also help you to support a range of exercises and different compound movements. There are also essential in avoiding muscle imbalances which can result in decreased mobility. So if you have strong glutes, it will not only make you look good, but it will also help you to perform other exercises better and make your body look better than before.

Many people suffer from the problem of underutilised or underutilised glutes. That can result in different health issues like poor posture, balance issues, lower back pain, lack of strength, muscle pain and it can also increase the risk of injury.

Best glute exercises

Before you go for glutes exercises, you need to go for glutes activation is a form of warmup. There are different activation movements available which will help you to warmup your glutes before a strong workout. Do not skip the warmup because it will focus on activating your glutes and thereby will help you to create a mind body connection and disconnection can help you to perform a better workout. Clam, crab walk, donkey kick, glute bridge are some of the warm-ups which will help you to get your glutes firing and ready for a stronger workout. Your glutes workout may include different exercises like glute-ham raise, cable pull-through, cable glute kickback, jump lunges, back squat, split squat, Arnold press and others.

Find out how to create strong glute muscles

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