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An excellent home gym under $ 1000

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If you have a budget of less than $ 1000 but more than $ 500, you can get an impressive home gym. With this money, you can create a home gym which will be good enough for people who have just started, basic and intermediate levels. There are only a few home gyms available under this price that can give you more than 200 pounds of resistance.

However, you do not need such resistance unless you're looking for heavy weightlifting. If you're trying to lose fat and want to be fit, the home gym is mentioned below will be more than good enough for you. There are good for beginners to advanced levels and so he can make the necessary adjustments whenever you are working out.

Different types are available

Different types of home gyms are available which can be differentiated based on their source of resistance, bodyweight gyms, weight Stack gyms and power rod gyms.

If you are really serious about your fitness and you want to create a home gym that will help you to stay healthy and fit, you will find different options to choose from. These models may not be as glamorous as the high-priced models but these are good enough for beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Such a home gym is very capable for you and they do not break your bank account. Most of these home gyms will support 30+ individual exercises and it means you can target different parts of your body without having to compromise anywhere. Right from your arms to your legs, you can target any part of the body. A home gym can easily replace everything that you need and find at the local gym and that too at a price which you'll be ready to pay once you see all the benefits that you getting from such a small home gym.

The role of a home gym

Your home gym should be able to help you to perform total body workouts with weights. It is a very good replacement for high-priced gym memberships. You will just need the right space for it and you will need the motivation to use it each and every day. If you consider the cost of such a home gym over the period of time you are going to use it, it is going to be far less than the cost of a gym membership. So, this is a very good investment for yourself for the present and the future.

With the home gym, you can easily learn the proper form and then gradually increase the resistance or weight. These machines will help you to stay clear away from any possible injury that may happen from free weights because of wrong form.

If you're looking for a home gym but you need something which will last for years while providing you with the best quality within the range, take a look at the chart below to find out the best options can have.

 TypeMax WeightExercises
Bowflex SelectTech 552Free Weights52.5 lbs x 230+
Bowflex SelectTech 1090Free Weights90 lbs x 230+
Bowflex PR3000Power Rods210 lbs.50+
Body Solid EXM1500SWeight Stack160 lbs30+
Bowflex BlazePower Rods210 lbs60+