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How Long Does a Breast Lift Procedure Last?

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Among the list of common plastic surgery procedures is a breast lift procedure. Breast lifts can be just that or some customers opt for a breast lift and implant procedure. The breast lift is considered a restorative procedure.

When it comes to choosing to have a surgical procedure, it's important to be fully informed. Most plastic surgery procedures can last for many years to come but their longevity is not guaranteed. The breast lift procedure does fall into this category.

How long does a breast lift procedure last? The typical estimated time frame is 10-15 years but this number could vary based on a lot of different variables from person to person. We will dig into these specifics and what you can expect from the breast lift procedure.

What is a Breast Lift Procedure?

A breast lift is also referred to as mastopexy in the medical field. The purpose of this procedure is to raise the positioning of the breasts. It is typically used for restoring a perky breast shape. A breast lift can take a breast that has become droopy or saggy and make it naturally perky again.

This happens with the removal of excess skin in the breast area and then tightening the surrounding skin and tissue. This is done to reshape the breast and to provide it with rejuvenated shape and contour.

This is a surgical procedure so you can expect to have a recovery period from the process.

With the right surgeon, your breast lift shouldn't leave behind highly visible scars. The less invasive the procedure the better. There are different techniques that can be used for breast lifts and what your surgeon uses could vary. They might have a standard technique or they may select a technique based on your needs.

How Long a Breast Lift Lasts Explained

Across the board, you will hear that a breast lift will last about 10 years. It's common for implant surgeries to also have a similar timeline as implants should be replaced after certain amounts of time in most cases.

While a breast lift is not the same as a breast implant, you can expect similar timelines. 10-15 years is the expected lifespan of your breast lift procedure. It is quite possible that you will be happy with your breast lift for much longer than this as well.

Keep in mind that after a procedure such as this, your body will continue to age. A breast lift does not make your breasts exempt from the natural side effects of the aging process on the body. That lift will hold but it most likely will not be indefinite.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there will most likely be best practices that your surgeon will share with you. Following the surgeon's guidelines and recommendations can make a significant difference in how long your breast lift lasts as well.

Breast Lift Vs. Breast Implants

Many people think of breast implants and breast lifts as the same procedure. Let us clarify. You can do a breast lift and a breast implant in a simultaneous procedure. In fact, if you want or need both, it's recommended to do it this way to ease the recovery and simplify the overall process.

Many people have commonly received breast implants in order to make their breasts more perky and youthful. An implant is not necessary for this cause, unless size is an issue for you. Breast lift procedures will complete this task, with no implant involved. Remember that you can also do both.

The difference is that a breast implant adds to your breast while a lift removes excess skin and tightens the skin, lifting your breasts to where they should be and giving them a youthful appeal.