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Getting Your Kids Ready For Their Optometrist Appointment

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It is crucial that children receive proper care for their eyes. Since their eyes are still developing and growing, detection, as well as prevention, can save them a lifetime of optical worries. It also helps them in school and after-school activities as proper vision ensures better grades as well as better overall participation. Before their next Frankfort general optometry appointment, learn what every parent or guardian should do to get their kids ready for the exam.

Ask Them About Their Vision

If you want to know about a child’s vision, ask them. For many children, it can be as simple as questions concerning objects in front of them or something they are watching on TV. Be sure to ask school-aged children about anything that may have happened, if there was a lack of seeing the chalkboard clearly. While asking questions, make sure to address any issues like excessive headaches that could be a sign of vision problems or a growing need for optometric care. This can also be a time where others in their lives can offer information on the topic; try to talk to their teachers or coaches about any possible vision-related problems they have noticed in the past few months.

Get Together A Full Medical History And Any Medications

It is a good chance that your child will not be sure of their medical conditions and medications they take on a regular basis; that’s why you are here to help. Take a moment to write down any conditions they may have been diagnosed with or are currently under treatment for. Make sure to jot down on medications the child is taking along with the dosage and instructions. If possible, store this information on your smartphone or tablet, it may come in handy for more than just the optometrist. These details could also be included in your emergency information, something every parent should have at the ready.

Gather All Glasses, Contacts, and Eye Care Products


The optometrist needs to see everything your child uses on a regular basis, even if they are the child’s regular provider for optical care. Unless the child wears glasses at all times, the glasses should be clean and stored in a glass case or other suitable container. Contacts should be placed in their respective case unless the doctor requests they be worn to the appointment. If you are unsure about this, ask the receptionist or nurse at the time of setting the appointment. Bring along any prescribed or over the counter eye care products that your child uses on a regular basis.

Go Over What To Expect During The Appointment

If this is a child’s first appointment with the optometrist, go over what they can expect before, during, and after the exam. Unless there is a special procedure or details planned, most exams will remain the same from year to year. In any case, talk to the child about what they can expect from the day. Let them know about the machines involved as well as any tests that might occur, especially if the eyes are dilated for testing. It is also a good time to answer any questions they might have while also relieving any fears about the upcoming event and subsequent appointments afterward.