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Tips to Make The Most of Your Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout

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A recumbent exercise bike is well-known workout equipment which is used by many people in the world. This exercise bike is regularly utilized by many people as it provides the platform for individuals to lose excess fat from their body and achieve toned up the body. This stationary bike comes with a backrest and pedal which is located in the frontal position. It serves as an alternative to regular exercise bike because it doesn’t put much pressure on your lower spine. You will feel comfortable when exercising on a recumbent exercise bike because with bucket seat with medium cushion.

Recumbent workout bike allows to burn a right amount of calorie, but you have to pedal on a daily basis for the proper amount of time. You should pedal correctly, and only then you can achieve the intended result. It has been designed in such a way that it doesn’t put much stress on your knee and hip. However, people often misuse it which results in futile output so it is best to follow some tips that can guide them on the right path. Here we have mentioned some expert tips that will help to utilize the recumbent exercise bike completely.


Adjusting the Seat of the Bike

Before starting your workout on a recumbent bike, you should adjust the height of the seat of the bike, and it will take a few seconds for the adjustment. However, most of the people forget to adjust their position, and it is the most common error related to this bike. It is necessary because an appropriate height will provide a lot of comforts which encourages paddling with ease and increasing the efficiency of the exercise. You should adjust your seat until the point where your extended leg gets a slight bend in the knee, and your leg should be extended to the far side of the pedal.




Exercise by Stretching Out Your Body

It is necessary to stretch your body thoroughly before starting your workout in a recumbent exercise bike, and there are various stretching techniques you can opt for. You can opt for dynamic stretching which will assist you to extend your muscle and notches up your range of motion.

People should stretch their body before starting any kind of workout program because the muscle should not stay clogged during exercise and they need to get the motion during exercise. Before getting on the exercise bike, you should take five minutes to opt for leg swing, trunk rotation, and lunges, toe touch, little jog, etc.

Little Warm Up Before the Main Workout

Always opt for little warm up before starting your main workout on the recumbent exercise bike, and you should spend five minutes on the bike by pedaling lightly. Little warm up is necessary because it will lose the muscles gradually before putting pressure on them and notch up your core body heat. After five minutes you can even again opt for a little stretch, and it entirely depends on you.


Pedal in Appropriate Form

Pedaling in exercise doesn’t mean that you can do it in any posture, it is crucial to maintaining a correct form. If you do it wrong posture, then there are high chances that you will get an injury, and you won’t get the correct result. Opting for the correct posture help you put the right pressure and burn a good amount of calorie. You should avoid leaning forward rather you should keep you're back straight, and it should stay in touch with the backseat. To maintain the posture, you can hold onto the side bars during pedaling, and it will also provide you support.

Opt For the Optimum Resistance

People often make a mistake by choosing the wrong resistance in the beginning, and it has been seen most of the people either set their resistance too high or too low. Always opt for an appropriate resistance which you will make you comfortable, and you should increase your resistance depending upon your strength or exercise. The resistance should be notched up step by step, and likewise, the strength of the muscle will also increase gradually. Never set your resistance too high which will make you exhausted in the beginning and there are chances you will get muscle sprain.




Always Opt For Interval Workout


In the beginning, simple pedaling might seem like a plausible exercise program but to start your endurance program, you should choose for an interval workout. There is a lot of health benefits associated with this exercise, and it helps you to achieve the intended result without putting heavy pressure on your body.

Interval workout includes full sprint, slow pedal and pedaling for a long time. The resistance of these intervals entirely depends upon you, but it is recommended to notch up the resistance in full sprint slightly. There is numerous type of interval training on a recumbent exercise bike, and you should opt for anyone of them.

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Select An Appropriate Timing

Many people think that pedaling for a small amount of time in recumbent exercise bike will assist them to achieve good endurance, but in reality, the more you pedal, the more you reach better endurance level. Timing is the key for most of the workout, and you have to spend the right amount of time on the exercise bike to get the best result. Minimum of thirty minutes is needed for exercise, and gradually you can increase that to sixty or ninety minutes.

Keep Yourself Occupied During Pedaling

During slow pedal or casual long hour pedal, you should try to keep yourself occupied with the magazine, phone or book because it will help you to pass the time.

These are some tips which will assist you to make the most out of your recumbent exercise bike.


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