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Choosing the Prenom Fille and the Best Assurance Vie

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First name

Do you know for a fact that you’re expecting? Are you already at the stage where you know your child’s gender? Congratulations! Now you have one last important thing to do ” besides giving birth, of course: finding a prenom fille or a boy’s first name. You may find this process stressful because after all, your child will have their first name for their entire life ” that is unless you really mess up and they decide to change it! Here are some tips and tricks to help you pick a name that will not result in your child hating you.

Don’t Be Obsessed With Finding An Unique First Name

It goes without saying that your child will be the “best-est”, most special kid in the world and that therefore he deserves a distinctive name, but don’t get obsessed with giving him the most unique first name possible for at least 2 good reasons. You may not like the first one, but here it comes: one of the reasons that help explain the scarcity of a name is the fact that it is ugly, pure and simple. Sure, beauty is subjective, but not that much : if the majority of the people you know find a particular name horrid, take the hint and don’t impose it on an innocent child.

The second reason is that first names that are unique and beautiful don’t stay that way forever: first names disappear and come back into fashion constantly, which means that the fact that your child has a unique name now does not mean that it will not be widespread a few years later. You can check out sites like Wikipedia and Pampers to try to predict trends in baby names, but again, this is not an exact science. In other words, if you think of a unique first name that you like, great, but don’t dwell too much on this particular characteristic.

Don’t Worry Too Much About Your Loved Ones’ opinion


This recommendation is quite difficult to follow at first, especially if we’re talking about your first child’s name. If you choose to extend the baby name search committee to your family and loved ones, you can reasonably expect your choices to be criticized or downright ridiculed. That being said, don’t let yourself be overly affected by each and everyone’s opinions: if you really like a first name suggested by one of your relatives, take it into consideration, of course, but don’t assume that people who really care about you will see or treat your child differently if you choose to give them a name they disapprove of: they’ll get over it as soon as you’ll put baby in their arms.

Stay Clear of Overly Complicated Names

Like the obsession with unique first names, some people want to make their child’s first name an all-in-one word that is a combination of the names of their ancestors, a reference to a significant event and a wordplay. This approach is rarely a good idea because even if it does not result in an absolutely grotesque name, there is always the not-so-remote probability that no one remembers exactly what the name was supposed to mean in the first place… including you.

Plan Ahead for Potential Nicknames

On this matter, there are essentially 2 schools of thought: those who want their child’s first name to lend itself to beautiful nicknames / diminutives, and those who on the contrary want to make sure to give their child a first name that will be very difficult to manipulate, truncate or deform afterwards. There is not really a right or wrong answer, here. Simply choose your side and select a first name accordingly.

No matter what name you choose to give your cherub, don’t worry too much about it. Worst case scenario, they will take it upon themselves to change it!