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TB-500 – A Unique Peptide For Racehorses

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protein thymosin beta-4

TB-500 is a synthetic fraction of the protein thymosin beta-4, that can be found in almost all cells, both human and animal. TB-500 is used mostly to promote healing and the creation of new blood and muscle cells. This peptide can also perform healing functions in the ligaments, tendons, skin, heart and eyes.

Thymosin beta-4 is the natural form of TB-500 and is often produced in higher concentrations in areas where there has been tissue damage. TB-500 is an effective anti-inflammatory agent.

Unlike other repair factors like growth hormones? If you are an owner or breeder of racehorses you may want to buy TB-500 for its unique ability to promote keratinocyte and endothelial migration. It has a small molecular weight and does not bind to the extracellular matrix. These properties enable it to travel long distances and fit through various blood vessels in the body. TB-500 works effectively by regulating ACTIN which is a cell building protein. It’s mechanism of action on ACTIN is quite essential because ACTIN constitutes ten percent of the thousands of proteins within cells.

This peptide has gained popularity in the horse racing industry as it is an effective way to prevent muscular adhesion and prevent injuries. It is also widely used on other animals to promote healing.

What Does TB-500 Do?

TB-500 mainly functions by increasing the production of ACTIN. This allows the peptide to promote fast proliferation of embryonic cells that differentiates go produce various specific cells that constitute the organs and tissues of animals. The rate of proliferation of cells usually decreases when cell differentiation occurs. Majority of the cells in mature animals usually die in the GO phase of cell cycle. Some types of differentiated cells lose the ability to divide further but most continue proliferation when necessary to replace cells lost to injury or death.

TB-500 has many effects and some of them are similar to those of growth hormone. These effects on animals are:

  • Increases of strength by growing muscles
  • Improves endurance
  • Promotes rapid healing of wounds
  • Reduction if acute or chronic pain and inflammation
  • Increases flexibility
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Protects and replenishes neurons after brain injury
  • Differentiates the blood and lymphatic vessels
  • Promotes growth of new blood cells
  • Aids Keratinocyte migration
  • Deposition of collagen
  • Decreases inflammation in tissue and joints
  • Relaxes muscle spasm and improves muscle tone
  • Aids in the repair of cardiac tissue after a heart attack
  • Healing of ulcers and lesions

There are current studies being conducted to determine the suitability of TB-500 in healing damaged heart tissue (ventricular hypertrophy) in race horses. TB-500 is not a prescription veterinary compound, it has the following general benefits:

  • Healing of wounds with minimal scarring and discomfort
  • Starts healing from the cellular level
  • Promotes regeneration of blood vessels
  • Helps in diabetes management in dogs
  • Reduces joint inflammation
  • Increases stamina

TB-500 spot and procedure:

The amazing this about this peptide is that it has a systematic effect on animals which isn’t affected by where it is administered. Although some people choose to administer TB-500 to their animals as close to the injury as possible, there isn’t  any evidence that this leads to better results. It is considered a best practice to rotate the site of administration each time.

Ensure your animal is well hydrated and on the usual vitamins and minerals that support regular race functions.

 TB-500 Storage Temperatures:

The liquid for can be stored at 2-8C (Refrigerate), ensure not to not freeze and protect from light.  Reconstituted TB-500 (liquid) must be used within 8 days.


Since the rise of TB-500 few years ago, there hasn’t been any reported side effects on animals.

Where to buy TB-500

Loti Labs offers high quality TB-500 for sale in lyophilized powder form. Just like all the peptides and research liquids offered,  their TB-500 meets the strictest purity parameters through testing with mass spectrometry and HPLC.