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Avoid these diabetes lies

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If you have diabetes or you are prediabetic or if you want to avoid diabetes in your life, you will need to know about the following big diabetes lies because only then you will be able to understand how to avoid these diseases or how to manage it.

Big diabetes lie #1 reducing blood sugar will reverse diabetes

This is a big diabetes lie that you will hear often. The truth is high blood sugar does not cause diabetes; it is a symptom of it. People use diabetes medicine as it is useful in lowering your blood sugar but they cannot reverse your diabetes. On the other hand, they will lose their effectiveness after some time and that is why the doctor needs to increase the dosage or need to add an additional medicine. Then one day your doctor will tell you to use injectable insulin and after that you will have to keep using it will serve

This is how it happens because the disease has not been addressed. It has been progressing as if you were not taking any medication. You cannot reverse diabetes with medications that lower blood sugar. Such medicines can only reduce the blood sugar readings but they cannot address the actual cause. The medicines that you use for diabetes are causing kidney failure, liver failure, heart attacks, cancers and strokes.

Big diabetes lie #2 Exercise helps reverse diabetes

We often believe that exercise is useful in case of every person with diabetes. However, scientific studies found that 20% of people with type 2 diabetes did not get any benefit from exercise. Exercise did not result in an improvement in blood sugar control, insulin sensitivity or the body’s ability to burn fat. The studies suggested that the resistance to exercise among people with type 2 diabetes is genetic and can be handed down through generations. If you have tried exercising but it did not improve your diabetes or fat loss, then it is likely that you are one of those people who are resistant to exercise and exercise cannot help you in reversing your diabetes. In case of other people, exercise can help you but it simply mimics the effects of the diabetes medicines. It can lower blood sugar but will not address the root cause which is insulin resistance.

Big diabetes lie #3 carbohydrates are your enemy

This is one of the most common lies about diabetes. People who are suffering from diabetes often fear carbohydrates and they believe that low carb, high fat diets area healthy alternative for them. Scientific studies done long back and some of the studies done during the present time found that it was not high carbohydrates, but in fact high fat diets that cause insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Such studies also found that a diet composed of price and, since the low-fat, high sugar and carbohydrate foods actually had no negative effect on insulin resistance at all but actually improved it.

People often believe that foods high in carbohydrates will worsen diabetes and increase the requirement for insulin and medication. And this is the basis for many of the popular diets which focus on diabetes and weight and fat loss. But it is not true. The increase carbohydrates can result in improved insulin resistance and that can help you to reduce your diabetes problem, lose both weight and fat.

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