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Give your Children the Best Start in Life: Top Tips

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When a child is born their brain is just 25% the size of an adult’s brain. By the time the child is 3 year’s old the brain is 90% the size of an adult’s brain. During those early years, children have many new experiences that can have an impact on their development. What this means is that the child’s parents have the opportunity to shape their child and encourage them to form habits that will last their whole life.

Below you will find a few tips that can help you to give your little one the best start in life:

Offer Them Physical Affection

When you offer your child physical affection you are communicating that you love them. This encourages emotional growth. To help your child get the best start in life you should be responsive and gentle to their needs. Hold your child when you’re feeding them. Look into their eyes when you rock them. Hug your child every day.

Make Their Home a Safe and Stable Home


A child that has at least one stable relationship will have better self-esteem. This will help them to make friends and give them a sense of worth. As a parent, you might want to hold them in your lap when they’re feeling stressed. Make sure you’re a consistent and loving parent who is around for your child. Allow them to explore but don’t be afraid to set them a few limits. When you interact with your child stay calm and be predictable so they know how you’re going to act. A child who knows how their parent/caregiver is likely to act will feel more secure.

Look After Their Heath Needs

It’s important that you look after your child’s health needs during these early years. Take them to see your family doctor when they’re ill or you suspect they could be ill. Make sure they get all of their injections and are regularly checked by health professionals. The sooner a health professional spots an illness or condition the sooner it can be treated. Looking after your little one now will ensure they’re more likely to be healthy as they grow. It will also encourage your child to look after themselves when they become adults.

Encourage Reading

Read to your child as it helps them to learn and grow. When you read to your child you spend time with them and engage with them. Hold them in your lap or have them sat or laid down next to you. Point at pictures in the book and ask them questions. Don’t be afraid to read the same book to them again. This will help them to connect the spoken and the written words together. A child who can read a little by the time they get to school is likely to do better than a child who can’t.

Start building your child’s foundation early on in life. With a bit of care, you could give your child the best start in life.