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The Pros And Cons Of Colonic Therapy

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Colonic Therapy

What is Colonic Therapy?

Most people have a vague idea of what a colonic therapy is but yet are not entirely sure. In a nutshell, colonic therapy is where a tube is inserted through the rectum and water is flushed through the tube and into the colon. The water loosens up all the toxins and built-up feces in the colon making it easier for the person to expel feces from the colon. Many alternative practitioners believe that keeping the colon clean and free from a build-up of feces is the key to superior health and wellness.

You may think that this alternative procedure is like an enema but it is not. An enema cleanses only a few inches of the lower colon. Colonics cleanses many more inches of the intestinal tract. You may or may not see the practice of colonics therapy as being worthwhile or beneficial. Some people wonder if this is just a fad practice soon to pass. Everything in life has its pros and cons and colonics is no exception.

There are a few different ways that alternative colonic therapists chose to perform this procedure on men and women. One method just mentioned is gaining in popularity. Other methods include fasting and supplements. No matter which method you chose, the purpose is to cleanse the colon of toxins and built-up stool. Believers of colonic therapy say that this alternative procedure improves your overall health and wellness.

If you make sure your colon remains cleansed, healthy, and strengthen your body feels and functions at an optimum level. Your immunity improves and you are better able to fight off colds and illnesses. A healthy colon all has to do with eating the right healthy foods. When you do not eat healthily, feces in your colon can back up. Colonic therapy is considered a tool by which support is given to the colon improving your overall health. Never expect a colonic therapy to take your excess weight off or cure an illness your doctor diagnosed.

The frequency of having a colonic cleansing differs among alternative practitioners. Some therapists say you should have a colon cleansing every four weeks. Other therapists say that four times a year is sufficient for keeping the colon cleansed and working well.

A colon cleansing goes hand in hand with a healthy diet and daily exercise plan. If you go to a colonic clinic you will likely be given a diet consult as eating healthy with daily exercise is part of the colonic equation. Most say the worst side effect is a bit of gas after the procedure.

Professionals say that the body never gives up all the bad stuff without a bit of a fight. If you have a highly toxic colon you can experience some flu-like symptoms after the procedure. This side effect is a normal reaction and is of no great concern. Clinics such as colonics in New York City show a high success rate for getting clients on the right road to improved health and wellness with a newly found and improved energy level. Chances are good that you will experience increased energy to meet the demands of daily living which are certainly a plus.

Causes for Intestinal Problems

Health professionals believe that our Western diet has a lot to do with intestinal problems these days which may include IBS, constipation, chronic diarrhea, diverticulosis, and more. Even traditional medical doctors seem to agree that daily diets leave room for improvement.

You cannot entirely place blame on the fast-food industry for society’s intestinal problems. However, eating a regular diet of fast foods, fried, overcooked foods, processed foods with an abundance of preservatives, additives, dyes, antibiotics, and steroids do negatively affect the colon. All of these things tend to clog up the colon making it more sluggish. This, in turn, causes secondary health problems including colon cancer.

Positives of Colonic Therapy

Alternative wellness experts such as colonics in New York City believe that colonics therapy has many positive aspects and is a successful treatment for chronic constipation, chronic gas, body aches and pains, fatigue, back pain, low energy, and liver dysfunctions. If you have had other treatments for intestinal issues and these treatments failed, it is believed that a colonic therapy treatment will eliminate these intestinal issues successfully.

The colon is a breeding ground for bacteria. You need this intestinal flora for the colon to do its job and make you feel healthy. However, the way in which you eat adds to bad bacterial build up in the colon that takes over the good bacteria. This is one of the negatives of colonic therapy, the removal of good bacteria with the bad.

The flip side or positive is that with the colon completely cleansed the tissue now has a chance to develop healthy bacteria and new intestinal flora.

These alternative professionals believe that once the colon is completely cleansed the intestinal tissue can then create new probiotics and causes improvement in the function of the colon. Yet there are others who do not feel that there is any positive proof this treatment is beneficial for anyone.

In addition to colonics removing toxins and waste from the colon that has set there for months, this therapy helps to improve digestion. Colonics helps the colon to absorb water and nutrients more effectively, promotes the growth of good bacteria, helps people rid excess body weight, enhances the immune system and boosts the energy level. Colonics is not to be taken for the sole purpose of weight loss.

Negatives Concerning Colonic Therapy

Some professionals offer the negative side of colonic therapy believing that this is only a moneymaker for some and takes up your valuable time. They also feel that the chances of you getting an infection in the intestinal tract is high. This is due to equipment not being sterilized appropriately.

They also feel that the risk is too high for damage to the sensitive tissue in the colon, such as perforation of the intestinal wall. Another risk of colonic therapy is an electrolyte imbalance. The senior populace and those with heart and kidney conditions are especially susceptible to this imbalance.

This therapy requires little to no licensing or regulation. Therapists have different approaches to this treatment. Many medical professionals feel that there is no scientific evidence that this therapy is beneficial to you. And, dehydration remains a big concern as does an electrolyte imbalance after the procedure.

Your Choice for a Call to Action for Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies are gaining a lot of popularity over recent years. Colonics in New York City offers an alternative therapy for the reason stated. Before beginning any alternative or traditional therapy speak with your primary care physician first and get their approval. This is especially important if you have a chronic or serious health condition or are taking prescribed medications.

It is vital to have a talk with your alternative therapist if you are considering colonic therapy. Ask what ingredients they use in their colonics. Ask the practitioner how the equipment is sterilized or do they use disposable equipment. It is vital to drink plenty of water before and after a colonic therapy to avoid any signs or symptoms of dehydration. Ask your practitioner if it is not a wise idea to drink sufficient amounts of electrolyte fluids found on shelves in most grocery stores.