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The Importance of Cardiovascular Health Care

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An Introduction to Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in developed and industrialised countries. Also known as cardiovascular disease, it generally refers to conditions or problems that arise due to narrow or blocked blood vessels which do not allow sufficient flow of blood and oxygen to the heart muscle which in turn leads to heart attacks, strokes or chest pain. There are various types of heart conditions like Arrhythmias, Atherosclerotic Disease, Congenital Defects, Dilated Cardiomyopathy and most common among them Coronary Heart Disease.

Causes of Heart Disease and Risk Factors

The risk factors for contracting heart disease used to be limited to certain demographics, but with today’s standard of living and lifestyle choices, anyone can be at risk of the disease. Aging generally increases the risk of contracting Cardiovascular Disease, but it is no surprise that heart patients are getting younger and younger. Men are a lot more susceptible than women, but women’s risk rise after menopause. Nicotine in cigarettes causes blood vessels to constrict and damages their lining putting smokers at a higher risk of contracting heart diseases than non-smokers. A family history of heart problems is a major Red flag that one could also have it. A poor diet, High Cholesterol levels, Obesity, Stress, Poor Hygiene, side effect of certain medication and uncontrolled High Blood Pressure are all factors that contribute to the rising cases of Cardiovascular Diseases. The knowledge that just about anybody of any age or gender can be susceptible to this disease through any of these risk factors is terrifying and while it is wise to be well informed and take care of our bodies, it is also imperative to be proactive in the search and pursuit of expert medical health care that will monitor our cardiovascular system, guide us on staying healthy and properly treat already existing conditions.

Cardiologists and Where to Find Them

Medical personnel are well trained and equipped to handle health issues of a general nature, but when it comes to certain body parts and organs, specialists are needed to step in. Doctors with specialized skill and training in finding treating and preventing heart diseases are called Cardiologists. These professionals are at the forefront of the fight against cardiovascular diseases, particularly in the developed first world nations where such cases are rife. Standard hospitals have Cardiology Units where one can visit a Cardiologist Specialist team of doctors for consultation and treatment. In our daily interactions with high-stress environments finding and maintaining a Cardiologist is a wise investment and Guy’s and St. Thomas Private HealthCare, located at Westminster bridge road, London boasts one of the best Cardiology Units in the world.

Services and Facilities Available To Patients

The internationally acclaimed private hospital which serves locals and international patients offer the highest standard of care and current up to date treatment to patients with heart conditions. They boast of a team of Cardiologists, all pioneers in their field and state of the art modern medical technology and facilities to ensure their patients get the best possible care. Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Cardiology Unit is also one of the largest in the country. They have six Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories, they run the largest Transcatheter Structural Intervention Programmes in the UK, provide advanced Cardiac Electrophysiology services, and also have an advanced Cardiac Imaging System. They have performed a record-breaking number of heart procedures like Angiograms and Angioplasties, Ablation and Cardioversion, implanting of cardiac devices like Pacemakers and both invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures as the condition demands.

Final Take

Whatever kind of heart condition, the cardiology team at Guy’s and St. Thomas Private Healthcare are well trained and prepared to receive patients, provide them with the best healthcare services available and as much as possible, restore their hearts to good health.