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Power principles for combat ready conditioning at any age

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There are some power principles which will help you to become combat ready with great conditioning. This can happen at any age and even if you have some problems like diabetes, these four principles can help you to improve your conditioning, look better and feel better every day. Let’s find out what these power principles are.

Power principle 1 – sharpen your neural drive

Your mind is more important when you want to create a great body for yourself. Your mind drives your movement. Scientific studies have found that your brain can regulate force production and you don’t have to move a muscle for that.

Mental imagery can help you to gain strength. It can also improve the strength of your upper body when you are performing some lower body exercises. Because of this is also possible to increase the flexibility of another body part while stretching are different limb. If you know how to sharpen your neural drive, you’ll be able to get these benefits. It is possible to train your brain to send stronger, clearer signals to the muscles. As a result of that there will be more muscle engagement as the body will recruit more muscle fibers and the fibers will work more quickly and efficiently. This is a way to reprogram your nervous system by activating the right muscle fibers with great precision.

Power principle 2-plug your structural leaks

Unified movement is necessary when you’re working out because it makes every exercise safer, more efficient and more powerful. However, it doesn’t talk about the difference between “whole-body” versus “isolation” training. If you take the example of a pilot you will understand the concept better. Before taking off, a fighter pilot will run through a pre-flight checklist. He will look at and flip several switches before he engages in his mission. In the same way, forgetting the maximum benefit from your workouts, you need to do something similar. In this case, before you go for the workout, you need to check your joints, breathing, muscle engagement and form.

When you flip the right switches in your body and then you go for an exercise, it can result in the difference between an okay rep and a power rep. When you can do that, you don’t have to train harder. When you flip the right switches, you’ll be able to get more benefit by spending less time in training. That can be done by plugging the structural leaks. It means you do not leak power and as a result of that your body can take advantage of its nature will, spring like ability to load, absorb and redirect shock. This will smoothen out the movements of muscles and the joints and so the workout will be less taxing on your body but you will get more powerful results from those exercises.

Power principle 3- look for technical excellence

The real measure of a man’s fitness is his ability to keep it together under extreme pressure. You also need to understand that there is a thin red line between your comfort zone and the danger zone. Even though many gym goers believe in the saying “no pain, no gain” however, pain is not weakness leaving your body. Working too much can cause different problems for your body and it will protest and work against you. So, you don’t have to train to muscular failure. You need to train to technical failure to avoid the possible dangers of over training.

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