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How Should I Keep My Teeth White?

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Having beautiful white teeth is amazing. It will help you have more confidence, it will make your smile that much more beautiful, and it will help you to appear to have the best oral hygiene possible. There are so many advantages to having white teeth. That is why it's a good idea to try and do some things in order to have white teeth. The experts at Bayville dentist are going to go over how to get white teeth. They will use common household items and also more advanced methods. Keep reading to learn more.


Oil pulling

The term oil pulling is not very common, but it works wonders! Oil pulling involves coconut oil. You may have coconut oil already in your home or have at least heard of it for cooking and as being a healthy fat. Oil pulling is not only great for your oral health but is wonderful for whitening your teeth too. Oil pulling is easy but it also is time consuming. To ensure you don't just waste time oil pulling during the day, we recommend doing it while you are doing another activity. You can even do it while you are watching television or reading a book! In order to oil pull, you will put a scoop of coconut oil into your mouth. You will need to leave it in your mouth to soften for about a minute. After that is becomes a liquid and you can start squishing it around your mouth. You want to leave it in and slowly put it in between your teeth for about 15 minutes. This will help to get any food particles out of your mouth that have been left there and not gotten from a toothbrush. It will help to whiten your teeth by getting anything off of your teeth. It will also help to not only get toxins out of your mouth but out of your body too. Make sure that when you are spitting the oil out you spit it into the garbage can and not into the sink. Since it will end up rehardening again you don't want it clogging your pipes.



Use whitening toothpaste

The next tip that we have is to use whitening toothpaste. This really does work but should not be used for long periods of time. You can purchase a tube of whitening toothpaste and simply use it for two weeks. Once those two weeks are up, switch back to your regular toothpaste. If you notice they are losing their whiteness after a couple months, you can switch back to using the whitening toothpaste for another two weeks.


Eat strawberries

Do you love strawberries? Good! Because they actually help to increase the whiteness of your teeth. Many people think the opposite because of how bright they are but the parts of a strawberry actually will help any staining on your teeth. So the next time you are in need of a snack that is healthy, you can grab strawberries and know they are doing many other great things too.


Put baking soda on your teeth

Add strawberries and baking soda together

Try strips

Get them professionally whitened



As you can see, there are not only amazing benefits to having beautiful white teeth but there are simple ways to get there too. Whether you need to get white teeth on a tight budget over time or you are willing to spend some money and get them done in just a couple hours, you have make the final decision! Make sure that you don't go too extreme whenever you are using teeth whitening otherwise this can cause them to become sensitive. For more tips on whitening your teeth, contact us today.