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Why Person-first Language is Important in 2019

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Language is essential in our communication with others it sometimes depicts how we regard or think of other people. Disability and hearing impairments are a common phenomenon in our society. They form a significant minority group that has unique talents and should be appreciated. Anyone doesn't choose to be born in with a congenital disorder. These are things that we don't have control over, and it is crucial that we embrace the disabled as they are and not see them as cases.


Person-first language



How well do we interact with the disabled in society? They are no lesser beings, and an appropriate mode in the person-first language should be used when addressing them. What is the person-first language? It refers to a philosophy that put the person first before mentioning the disability. We should all be able to see the individual as a human being, and the adjective describing their condition can come after that. On the flip side, identity first language will present persons with disabilities as cases. Such an approach is demeaning, and it is vital that we take the person first language in 2019.


One will ask how to use this language. Well, it should be intrinsic by recognizing and appreciating the person that you are interacting with. The value of a man is in how they treat and regard those they feel are inferior to them. Sometimes I see disgusting descriptions of disability in social media. I think this is not the way things should be. Calling someone r*rted is not a feeling you can wish to be in or any of your beloved. You should avoid the r-word referring to persons with cognitive deficits. Similarly, you should see a person and not a wheelchair when you encounter a physically challenged person.


We are human first


Regardless of your thought about what qualifies one to be a human being, you should appreciate every one. We have to eliminate the feelings of labeling people as their disability. Every person should be seen as people without putting the details first. If there is a need for description, then it can't come before the identity. Instead of looking at the conditions of a person, we can qualify them better depending on their love, personality, and caring nature.  Their conformations should not see people.


Moral support and integration into society


There is a lot of unexplored abilities in persons with disability. By recognizing that they are people and not cases will help boost their esteem. Sharing and loving such persons will help them integrate well in society. Identity first approach will lead to the isolation of people with impairments and as such, you won't be able to tap their full potential. Using a person-first language will help us form a positive image, attitude, and impression both for ourselves and others about disability.


Get to see the potential rather than the limitations


Have you ever imagine the potential that goes to waste when we undermine others? Well, this is a typical case with the disabled. We should not start by seeing what they can't do; maybe they can do other things better than we presume.


All organizations should embrace the use of person-first language in 2019. The media should be at the forefront of changing society.