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Barriers to a powerful physique

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Many of us want to build a powerfulphysique but many of them cannot do it because of a few barriers. Let's know more about these barriers so that you can overcome them and create an awful and strong physique for yourself.

Low testosterone

Once you turn 30, the testosterone levels go down. Many of the gym goers speed up this process of reducing testosterone. Even though they do not know it but they destroyed their own testosterone levels by doing something wrong while trying to perform a good workout. If you're over training your body, it means you are throwing your male hormones in the trash. As you get older, gaining muscle becomes more difficult and then people try to train harder and longer to see faster results. But they do not see that because they have destroyed the main source of building a great physique-testosterone.

If your workout is increasing your cortisol levels, it will force your body to become catabolic. As a result of that, your body will start to lose muscle, reduce testosterone levels, increase fatigue and weakness. Too much training will smother your progress in the long run. And eventually your male hormones will tire out and after that you dream of building a muscular body will be crushed. If your testosterone levels go down, you will suffer from accelerated muscle loss and if that happens, how can you expect to build a muscular physique?

This is the primary reason why many men failed to build muscle as they age even though they workout for long hours and eat healthy. It will also reduce your sex drive and you will not have the will to perform because of lower testosterone levels.

Injury cycle

Because of injury cycle the dream of creating muscular physique never happens to many men. When you start a workout routine and then suddenly stop weeks or months later because of a joint pain or a sudden injury. If that happens, it may take lots of time to recover and during this time whatever you have gained till now will be lost. Many men suffer from exercise related injuries everyday and they go to the hospital. There are many others who do not go to the hospital but suffer in silence with strained back muscles, shop knee and elbow pain, neck discomfort for and other injuries caused by exercise damage.

If you want to stop muscle building results that in the tracks, that can be done by injuries. It simply because when you're injured or hurt, how can you exercise and put in your 100% effort? It's not possible for anyone. And if you need any surgery because of the injury that can steal away several months of your time.

Priority dilemma

Many other people suffer from priority dilemma and as a result of that they cannot build the muscular physique they always wanted to create for themselves. Many people feel that their family and career are more important than going to the gym and that can be true for many but it could have been great if you could have done justice to your career and family while going to the gym and creating the great physique that you always wanted for yourself. It may be possible to balance time with your family, partner and social life while scaling the corporate ladder and at the same time creating a strong and muscular physique. You need the right workouts which will give you better results within a shorter duration.


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