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Common Health Issues Among Older Adults

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Finding Appropriate Service

If you want to flourish fully, your best bet will be to eat right and exercise regularly. Certainly that's easier to say than to do. Compounding this reality is the fact that even if you do your best, the powers that be aren't always looking out for your best interests.


Nobody realized asbestos could be hazardous to your health when it was initially proposed as a building material. Well, ideally, nobody realized that; one would hope nefarious artifice didn't guide the hand of those in control of mass construction!


However, there are cases where the U.S. government is known to have done radiation testing on its own citizens; the fallout of which being varying debilitating medical conditions like cancer.


The point of all this is: even if you do your due diligence to maintain your health, it may yet be impacted through circumstances beyond your control. At that point you have no choice but to seek medical attention. The older you get, the more dire the situation becomes. Following are a few points to help those who experience health issues”especially as advanced age sets in”overcome them.

  1. Hearing Issues

When your hearing starts to go, there wasn't always something you could do about it. Now, solutions like those provided through hearing aid providers in Southern Maine are making it possible for those who have lost substantial quotients of hearing ability to regain some ground.


Technology is totally changing the scope of possibility. People are getting the use of limbs and organs back when previously the only solution was an eyepatch or a peg leg. Even if you're older, varying revolutions in medical technology could help you regain portions of yourself that have been lost.


  1. Membership-Based Clinics

You might check out solutions like this concierge doctor in Portland. If you're unfamiliar, concierge clinics are membership-based healthcare solutions which provide you continuous access to a physician. Especially for those with ongoing conditions, or for those who lead an active lifestyle, such clinics represent an ideal solution.


Even if you don't have an active lifestyle, it's good to work with such a clinic, as you never know when something unexpected will impact your ability to live comfortably. If you can call a personal physician immediately, such a move might just save your life. Medical malpractice often occurs through simple mistakes in records-keeping. This is less likely when emergency responders are immediately aware of your personal needs.


  1. Medical Tourism

This option does have a little controversy to it, but it may be viable for you. Today's healthcare environment is ridiculously exploitative. But imagine traveling somewhere you've always wanted to go, getting a medical procedure you couldn't afford in America, and being $5,000 richer than you would have been if you went with local options.


This is the reality of medical tourism. Certain procedures have a somewhat routine quality, and are ideal for those impacted by medical conditions in later life. You might go somewhere like Taiwan, get the procedure done at a top-tier facility for a third of the cost in the U.S., and then only have travel costs on top of it.


If a $15k procedure cost $5k in Taiwan, using medical tourism to get the job done overseas would save you $5k after a $2,500 ticket there, and a $2,500 ticket back. Room and board will likely be comparable to what you already pay in the U.S.

Healthy Golden Years

Golden years are known for related medical issues, but there are ways to handle such circumstances with more comfort than a backhanded approach would provide. Consider medical tourism, look into concierge clinics, and seek out specific institutions for specific conditions.


New medical developments are coming all the time, and you may even be eligible for experimental procedures that will help you, and won't cost you anything. So don't discount medical offerings just because they're new. Certainly do your homework, but keep your mind open. As the saying goes, where there's a will, there's a way.


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