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Bend steel with your hand

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Previously in circus strongmen bent steel and wooed the crowd with their might. Then gradually other strongmen started to do this and it became a show of tremendous strength. Taking an object that is not meant to be bent and then bending it with sheer body and hand strength is something which is very impressive.

Men like the “The Mighty Atom” Joe Greenstein and Slim “The Hammer Man” Farman were known for their amazing bar and spike bending feats. There is a legacy of strength and now there are different types of bending that you can choose from.

Types of bending

There is short bending like nail and spike bending. In this type of bending, you need hand and wrist strength. This is often known as the gateway drug of bending. This is the first step of steel bending that you need to learn and master before removing to something more difficult and advanced.

This is the initial basic point of bending because it will hook you to the heart of steel bending. You will feel great when the steel gives way to your strength. You'll feel awesome with steel melting in your hand with the strength of your hands.

The next step of steel bending is braced bending. In this type, you use your hands like wrenches and hammers to mold the steel. Now you can shape steel bars and odd objects as per your wish is in the strength of your body. Position, you'll also be able to take a giant spike against your tie and bend it into U-shape.

The main objective of steel bending is to conquer the steel. This is something which not everyone can do and so you need special training and lots of strength to do that.

The next step

If you are addicted to steel bending, you will not stop right there. You would want to go to the next level and to the ranks of the legends of the past. And that step is steel scrolling.

Steel scrolling

Steel scrolling is the art, science and physical performance of bending steel into some specific shapes. Such bending is generally done with a specific purpose for creating artistic shapes. This is something that blends the strength of a weight lifter with the endurance of a distance runner. Once you learn this and master it, you will not only become very strong but will also help you to become immortal in the minds of other people with superhuman strength and capacity.

There are different types of scrolling and you can learn them as per your preference after you know about them.


You need proper training to become a strong man who is capable of steel scrolling. By using the regular gym equipment, it is possible to develop some amazing strength training methods. These methods will help you to develop top-level bending strength. However, it is very important for you to learn it from the experts so that you can develop the maximum possible strength without any type of injury. Such training programs include functional pushing isometric which will take care of the shoulders and entire upper body make it stronger, functional pulling isometric for building a huge back and lat, functional core isometric which is necessary for make your core stronger, dynamic/isometric combination which is the hybrid exercises, and exercises for increasing the strength of your fingers dramatically.


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