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How to get rid of your anger

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If you want to manage your anger and get rid of it, the following tips will help you to do so.

Think before you speak

You can make a habit of thinking before you speak in your angry. It is difficult initially to wait and then speak when you are angry, but with some practice you can achieve it. Take a few moments to collect your thoughts before you say anything at all. This will save you lots of awkwardness and difficulties in future if you make it a habit.

Once you are calm, then express your anger

Once you wait for some time, you'll be able to think clearly and then you can express your anger. You will be able to express your frustration in a more assertive and nonconfrontational way. It will be much easier for you to clearly and directly express what you did not like and how you want it to be. That will not only save your relationships but will also make you more mature in the eyes of the others.

Take a time out

Timeouts have some definite meanings and they can help you even when you are angry. If you are in a stressful day, you can give yourself short and frequent breaks. If you moments of quiet will definitely help you to feel better prepared for the day and the stress and that will ensure that you are not angry.

Identify possible solutions

When you focus on what made you mad and who did it, you tend to become angrier. Consider that, you can work on finding a solution for the issue at hand. There are always different solutions available for each problem. If one solution is making you angry, there may be other solutions available which will help you to remain calm while solving the issue at hand.

Practice relaxation skills

If you practice relaxation skills, it will help you to take control of your anger. When you are getting angry, you can put relaxation skills to work. You will need some practice but it is possible to learn those skills and then apply them at the right moment. Deep breathing exercises, visualisation, repeating a calming word or phrase will help you to take the situation easy and avoid the anger. Some people can relax easily when they listen to music. If you are one of them, you can listen to some music that you like. Performing a few yoga poses or writing in your journal may also help you to relax and avoid the anger.

Use humour to release tension

You can use humour to release the tension and avoid the possible outcomes of your anger. Lightening up can always help you to diffuse tension and you can use it whenever you feel yourself becoming angry. If you use humour to face whatever is making you angry, it will be easier to face that situation. Humour will also help you to accept something which is different from your expectation and prevent you becoming angry. However, it does not mean that you should use sarcasm because that can hurt other people and their feelings and it will definitely make things worse.

Do not criticise

Nobody likes being criticised even when they ask for it. So, you can completely avoid criticising anyone else even when it's their fault. There are other ways of putting across a message without criticising someone.


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