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Most popular hair transplant destinations in the world

Hair transplant is becoming a popular procedure for many men and some women who want a permanent solution for their hair problem. Because of the cost factor many people look for different alternatives before settling on a particular destination and country.


Let’s find out which are the most popular hair transplant destinations in the world right now.


India is one of the most popular countries for hair transplants. The population of India is numerous and there are many people who want to improve their appearance and the quality of their lives. That is why there are many clinics and hospitals available which offer hair transplant and other related services for the increasing number of patients. People from other countries also visit India for their hair transplant procedure.

Dominican Republic

The medical facilities and the expertise of hair transplant doctors is exceptional in Dominican Republic and that is why many people flock to this country for getting their hair transplant procedure done. Dominican Republic can offer the same services at a lower price and it is a beautiful country worth visiting. While having some fun, you are also getting an important procedure done.


Mexico is another popular destination for hair transplantation. The prices of the procedure are very affordable here. It can offer you the same procedure at a lower cost in comparison to many other countries. The number of people going to Mexico are increasing regularly because for many staying in the US and neighbouring countries, Mexico is nearer than other destinations.


Sweden is also known as an attractive hair transplantation destination . And has thousands of islands, boreal forest and glaciated mountains. It is a beautiful place to visit with its thousands of islands. There are many clinics that offer hair transplantation services. It is, however, not as popular as Mexico in terms of hair transplants. 


Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for hair transplantation. New medical technology, medical equipment, experienced and friendly doctors and nurses make it a destination which cannot be missed. If you want the best care and best service for your hair transplantation procedure, this is the place you want to go for.

Why choose Istanbul for a hair transplant?

Among the places in Turkey where you can get the best hair transplantation service, Istanbul is the top one. If you want top of the line hair transplant services, you need to visit Istanbul. It has new medical equipment and procedures which are better than many of the other countries offering these medical services. It is also one of the most beautiful places in the world tourists  like to go because of its beauty. When you go to Istanbul, you not only get your hair transplantation done at a cost which is a fraction when compared to developed countries, but you can also have a beautiful vacation at the same time.